What’s New? 7th July ’19

1. Insights

Why see reports and analytics that isn’t value-adding to you in your role? Yes, now each of the users, be it Hiring Manager, recruiter, TA Head; will see only the report that empowers them. Plus, who doesn’t like a decluttered look 🙂 

2. Requisitions

Admin users will now be able to view and analyse requisitions based on the location group with the new location group filter.

3. Drives & Interviews

You always thought, seeing all applications added to a drive in one place would be so much easier. Now, not only can you see them in the drive page, but also you can notify or delete them from that page. 

Few more detailing, simplifications & role restrictions

4. Couple of smaller simplification & detailing. Interviewers will now be able to “expand” and “collapse” the feedback form questions.

5. Interview location field added in the interviewer’s notification.

6. While making an offer, view only the offer templates as per your location group.

7. Associate your joined employees with the application.

8. Restrict who can view or use talent pool CVs.

9. Set your own frequency for weekly & daily notifications.

Ahh! We feel happy when we contribute to making recruiting simpler 🙂 Happy Recruiting!!