Time To Work On Your Employee Onboarding

“Is there any easy way to keep a track of all the documents the candidate have to submit while joining?”

If you keep asking yourself this question, then you certainly are on the same page as Rimi.

My friend Rimi used to share her workplace problems with us often. Recruitment is a tough and tiring task. We all know that. Hence, like any other recruiter, her problems used to include the multi-level approval related fuss, the tiring task of keeping track of candidates, generating offer letter for each one of them. 

There have been times when she has missed our friends’ gathering because she was working late at her desk on someone’s offer letter who is supposed to join shortly, or while filing some new joiner’s piled up documents which she was supposed to forward to the HR department.

When I started to realize why she has been so disturbed from several months, I shared some of my insights about recruitment with her and asked her if it is possible for her to implement the same. And you won’t believe, within two months, things turned around! And Rimi again started leading a stress-free life, with a consistent and effective hiring process going on in her organization.

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Now, at first, let’s look into the point where it all begins. After the HR round of an interview, after analyzing the approved budget of the requisition and the candidate expectation, the recruiter generates an offer. Now, this offer needs to pass a chain of approvers depending on requisition budget, requirement, interview feedback, and many more additional components.

It’s not the end of the recruiter’s job though. There are several forms and documents which they need to collect from the candidate for their personal, professional information and background check.

But, there is a way out to put an end to all mundane tasks you have been doing so far.

Want to know what is that?

Simple! For those who have been following our blogs, you already know how an ATS can entirely release your stress when it comes to requisition management, sourcing candidates, conducting interviews. This time, let me show you how does it help you to work on a candidate’s offer and onboarding period.

Track Them Down!

After all the hassle you have gone through while shortlisting a candidate when you get positive feedback about them from the interviewer, you won’t let them slip through at any cost. Am I right?

Because these are the results of the amount of time you have invested in finding them out. These are the right talents. 

But sometimes, you just lose them. And you don’t know why.

Maybe it is because you have been confident about them and forgot to follow up with them?

The time between the candidate has been offered to join and the candidate has actually joined, is the most crucial time for you. Since this is the time where most candidates tend to back out. Sometimes there is a better offer out there, sometimes it is something else.

Whatever the reason might be, you can always turn them back towards you if you find the potential in them. But for that, you need to keep each one of them on loop.

You are right, it can get pretty boring. And that is why you can let your ATS do it all!

An ATS provides you with an offer tracker, where you can see all the offers made to the candidates along with their joining date.

You can see the name of the hiring manager and recruiter too, to whom the offer has been assigned. Like this, you won’t be missing out on any offered candidate again.

Now, what happens when you forget to follow up with a candidate? The ATS will take care of that also. In the offer tracker, you will get to see your weekly status of following up with the candidate. Not only that, whenever you miss out on following up, a bot will always be there to remind you about that!

Get It Approved In A Smart Way!

Let’s assume that an offer has to go through multiple levels of approval. The approvers themselves have to come to a common conclusion regarding the offer. This can be achieved if each time one approver comments or deviates.

Without an ATS it would be an additional task for the recruiter to follow up with individual approvers to get approvals, keep all other approvers in the loop and get a go-ahead from each of them. 

What can an ATS do in this scenario?

With an ATS, you can have an excellent approval mechanism where the approver chain can be configured for any kind of combinations. The recruiter can watch the approvals happening with detailed comments and the bots take care of notifying the next approver in the chain on receiving a positive remark from the previous one. 

It doesn’t stop there, the bots also chase the approvers in case they forget to give their approval. 

Is It An Automated Offer Letter?

Gone are the days when a recruiter had to draft an offer letter and calculate the salary break up.

After the offer is approved by all the approvers of the approval chain, the bot generates the offer letter with all the necessary details and salary calculations.

After the offer letter is generated, the bot takes care of mailing the offer letter to the candidate and helps the recruiter to track if the candidate has seen the automated mail or not.

And, did I tell you? During the automated offer letter generation, you can customize the offer later in a way you want. Isn’t that amazing?

When Document Collection Is a Cakewalk!

I still remember the 1st day of my career. How there were so many forms which I had to fill in for the sake of the HR department. I won’t deny, I felt quite annoyed.

The same feeling a recruiter gets when it’s the time to take a new joiner on board.

The HR department requires a lot of candidate information in multiple sets of forms for personal information, educational documents, employment-related documents, declarations, etc. Making a set of documents which has the latest candidate information so that the HR department doesn’t capture the wrong information. 

It takes a lot of patience on the recruiter’s part to get the candidate to fill up all the information and submit documents so that authentic and relevant information is captured and saved along with the candidate to be forwarded to the HR team.

With the help of an ATS,  all the forms can be sent to the candidate on a single action and the candidate can see the required forms and documents. The recruiter can configure the visibility of forms and can decide whether to keep it editable or not once the information is received.  

Once Rimi was aware of what miracle can an ATS cause, after a presentation to her hiring manager, she successfully was able to let an ATS take all her pressure away. After that, her recruitment life definitely can be named as a “Happily Ever After”!

Do you think you can turn around your rusty recruitment process into a swift one as Rimi did?

Visit mynexthire.com, schedule a demo, and let us take care of it on your behalf, then!

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