Learning The Art from The Ultimate Juggler

Juggling Game
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I have a story to tell. A story that starts with a trick that we usually see in villages or roadside fairs. At least, that is my earliest memory of this trick. Juggling is what it is called. Every time I watched the guy who juggled three to four balls/sticks, I was always in awe as to how they could multi-task with more than 2 objects and yet stay so focused. In my earliest memories, it was no less than magic. Having said that, my story doesn’t start at the village fair. It starts here, right in the city, at the place I work.

Never in eons have I thought of learning to juggle nor about what juggling could teach me. Or that how useful a tool it could be for me in the scheme of day-to-day things. Yes, you heard me right! A lesson to be learnt from juggling! So it was with much anticipation and a lot of excitement (of trying to learn that bit of magic) that I attended the Continuous Learning session at work where I could learn to be a juggler.

Now you might ask me, “A juggling session at work?” Yeah! Right! I call it one of the perks. A great work culture where everyone is on a first name basis (even with my CEO), a platform where I get to show not only my work experience but my talent as well. Every week we learn new things that are not exactly related to work, but is a definite value-addition to our skills.

Getting back to the story, I learnt to juggle from “the Juggler” himself. He showed us how to juggle 3 balls at a time. Initially, each ball seemed to blur into the other as he tossed them around. And then he showed us the trick. How to focus on each ball at a time, set a rhythm with tossing each ball and then repeat the process so that more than 1 ball is in the air at a time. And all this time I was thinking that it is about multi-tasking – putting up more than 1 ball in the air.

One myth about juggling down. It didn’t seem easy, but it didn’t seem impossible as well. Each one of us tried it. Unsure at first, and many funny moments later, little by little, the confidence to juggle the balls came through as each of us set up the rhythm. Each time we made a mistake, the juggler would patiently encourage us and guide us into doing it right. Just like he has been doing with the team ever since we started working at MyNextHire.

Confused? Don’t be. The Juggler I was talking about and from whom we were learning to juggle is none other than Vivek Jade, Founder and CEO of MyNextHire. He has been juggling many aspects of MyNextHire and he has always made it seem like a cakewalk. We are grateful to Vivek for teaching us to acquire that leadership skill that bound to take us places – not just in our professional life, but personal as well.

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