How Advanced Search Feature of an ATS Can Help You?

What’s your plan today after office?

I believe it’s just being glued to the T.V., to watch the UEFA Championship League. 

Some of us are supporting Juventus, some Real Madrid, some are cheering for Man City. 

While each team has their own strategies and playing style to win the champions’ league, did you know all of them went through the same process to select every teammate?

Each one of your favourite players had to go through several tests, psycho diagnostics, skill test, weight measurement. Once the team decided that they are perfect fits for their preferred field, then only they were allowed to play for the team.

If we give it a deep thought, recruitment is also the selection part of a team-building task like any other sports. 

When you are searching for a candidate profile, there are tons of things you need to keep in mind.

Are the skill set given in the job description matching with the candidate profile?

Is the office location convenient for the candidate?

Is he experienced enough for the role?

In this blog, I will share a few hacks which will help you to search for the player fit for your team. Before that, hit the subscribe button and start getting notifications whenever something fresh is being cooked at our end.

In my last blog, I discussed the importance of creating a talent pipeline. Every ATS has its inbuilt talent pool which automatically creates a talent pipeline for you.

What Is The Actual Problem?

Talent pool provides flexibility in a selection process for a team. Creating a talent pool rather than choosing one person with key competencies is effective and efficient for an organization.

But after you have created your talent pool, how to search for candidates from there when you have one requisition open? 

You have almost 3000 CVs in there. Since all the candidates you have ever sourced, are there in the talent pool. It’s not easy!

If your ATS has some advanced search options, searching for the perfect profile might turn into a cakewalk easily!

Confused about how your advanced search option should look like? Let me point that out to you!

Automatic Skill Set Match: 

How many CVs you have gone through so far to keep a check on skill sets which are matching with the profile? 

Can’t even keep a count. Right?

Even after you go through every profile thoroughly, still your mind leaves you in a confusion that which one would be the best match for the profile. Because they all look the same!

Well identified digital visionary Pearl Zhu mentioned in her book “Every person is unique, put the right people with the right capability to the right position to solve the right problems.”

I can’t emphasize much on how true this line is. While we are attempting to keep every CV in mind, we never know we might miss out on some important information about those right people who are just right around the talent pool.

Life would have been so easy if there would have been a simpler way to pick candidates like you pick up movies to binge-watch from IMDB, just by looking at their ratings. Isn’t it?

Well, say no more!

Your ATS’s advanced search option can show the percentage of skill set match ratio along with the candidate’s name in a table form! All you have to do is select a particular requisition, go to the talent pool, and get surprised!

Once you are done, pick up the phone and ring up your right person right away!

Does life seem simpler now?

Remember The Source, don’t recall the candidate’s name:

It happens almost always. 

Suppose you are looking for a developer. And you remember when the position was open previously, you sourced a lot of profiles from Github. But, before you could call the half of them, the position closed. It’s been several months now. Who will remember the names anyway?

Well, someone does remember the names. Your ATS!

The advanced search feature provides you with a special filter where you just have to put the name of the source and all the profiles will pop up right in front of you.

Feel free to use all your sourcing tricks now, because all are going to be profitable for you!

When Boolean Search Creates Wonder!

All of us know how amazing Naukri or LinkedIn’s Boolean search feature is! 

It has helped you to source a lot of profiles filled with different skill sets in your entire recruitment life.

But once you have sourced them and kept all in your talent pool, don’t they all get jumbled up?

Suppose your hiring manager asks you to search for a candidate’s profile who is skilled both in Angular 6 and CSS. Now, you know there is a possibility of having a few profiles with both the skill sets in your talent pool.

Again, who likes to go through all 3000 profile just for 10 or 15 matches? Nobody, right?

You don’t have to do it anymore!

ATS’s advanced search feature will provide you with the facility of Boolean search and let you fish out the right profiles from the crowd!

And since you have been using Boolean search in job portals too, it will be user-friendly for you too!

Are you already falling for the advanced search feature an ATS can provide? 

Please don’t yet. Because these are only three points I have highlighted. Candidates’ current CTC, location, degrees achieved by them- you can search for

all of the above just with one single click!

Want to know how? Why don’t you check the advanced search feature in action by scheduling a demo with us?

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