Company Ideologies, Too, Can Take A Quirky Shape!

“Celebrate what you want to see more of.” -Tom Peters

That is exactly what we did last week. We celebrated something very close to our heart at work.

And what could be the better way to celebrate it with something that is equally close to our hearts?

We uniquely celebrated our company ideologies at our continuous learning session. We celebrate every session, but this one was a tad different as it was something that we live and breathe each day at work.

One fine morning, right after one meeting of ours, we all received a text from Vivek in our workgroup, declaring a poster making competition. Our Founder and CEO wanted us to have a better understanding of our company culture, through the making of posters for the 12 company policies that we have at work. It was a great opportunity to showcase our creativity and we were all quick to take it up. It was to be a competition – a poster-making competition based on our 5 beliefs and 7 rules of teamwork.

To start with, I will just mention down these 12 pointers that have become an integral part of our work life. It not only helps us ensure the value we provide but also makes sure that we stay on the designated path at all times.

Our 5 beliefs:

1.     Tortoise always wins

2.     Do more with less.

3.     Continuous learning is essential for survival and growth.

4.     If it is complex, something is wrong.

5.     Winning through team effort is more satisfying.

 7 Rules of teamwork

             1.  Say it. Do it. First, make a promise and then do everything possible to deliver it.

             2. Manage yourself. Always know, what’s your contribution to the KPI.

             3. Aspire big, think global. Don’t settle for mediocrity.

             4. Quality is non-negotiable. Dot every I and cross every t.

             5. Respect work environment and each other.

             6. Help everyone have a work-life balance.

             7. Be as transparent as much as possible.

Well, we knew them from the day we joined. Heard Vivek talking about it quite often during any discussion. But I guess nobody analyzed it or tried to analyze it.

 But, when there was a competition, we put our head into it, wracked our brains and started thinking.

Though it was a competition, we showed a bit of teamwork there too! We helped each other time at the time of conceptualization. And as usual, our Graphic Designer and UI Developer Shubham became our unsung hero for two weeks, by tolerating all our tantrums and fulfilling all our demands.

We felt bad for him at times, for irritating him so much for our every change of thoughts.

But, we had no other options, as we were on such a creative spree!

Finally, the day arrived!

We all were pretty excited from the morning itself since we wanted to know whose hard work was finally going to pay off.

As soon as the clock struck 1, we gathered around for the poster competition.

Before I move to that part, let me tell you which topic we chose. As a matter of fact, the topics were not forced on us. We had a look at the pointers and volunteered to choose the topics to which we connect ourselves the most.

1.   Tortoise always wins. – Avinash

2.   Do more with less.- Vivek

3.   Continuous learning is essential for survival and growth.- Bhanu

4.   If it is complex, something is wrong. – Subodh

5.   Winning through team effort is more satisfying. – Astha

6.   Say it. Do it.- Yogita

7.   Manage yourself.- Vivek

8.   Aspire big, think global.- Pritam

9.   Quality is non-negotiable.- Monali

10. Respect work environment and each other- Jahir

11. Help everyone have a work-life balance.- Sakshi

12. Be transparent as much as possible.- Prithashree

So we started with the explanation of the thought and idea behind the posters we created.

Avinash pulled out the age-old Rabit and Tortoise story on the racing track. Do you think it’s pretty common? Well, you should have zoomed in to the victory stand where the tortoise stood. It reflects the reason where the tortoise won at the 1st place!

While looking at the next poster, you might get a little confused. Where one person is stacking up ladders and another person already started climbing the wall with one ladder. But if you think deeply, doesn’t it show that if you are willing to do something, it can be done with fewer resources too?

Bhanu’s concept was amazingly extraordinary and pretty clear to everyone. From the time of Homo erectus till the time we have become Homo sapiens sapiens, we have come so far. And the journey from lighting up a fire to laptops and a nice office was caused by only one intension of our beautiful brain, learning. Hence, what could be a better way to represent the power of continuous learning other than this?

Subodh’s concept reminds us of childhood maze games which we used to play. Don’t you think if that person would have chosen the simpler way marked on the poster to reach the trophy instead of the complicated one, he wouldn’t have gotten stuck?

I have once seen the colony of ants carrying an entire leaf in our childhood. Looking at Astha’s poster struck me with that glimpse of the past. Maybe we should invite a few of them to take a continuous learning session as a mentor to teach us the balance of teamwork. Don’t you think so?

The legend of Indian football, Goshtha Pal is famous as “The Chinese Wall”. Like him, every goalkeeper has only one thought in their mind while standing in front of the goalpost “I am the wall. I won’t get anything pass by me.” In this poster, you will see every goalkeeper is dedicated to keeping this promise by their heart and soul “Say it. Do it.”

Our Sci-Fi nerd Pritam, as usual, thought of the outer space right after he saw the topic “Aspire big, think global”. In his thoughts, the sky is the ultimate limit. I guess he, too, if would have reached the moon, wouldn’t have settled there. He would have been on for another voyage to the universe on the next rocket itself. Just like a space-hiker.

Monali’s concept was a bit quirky. If you would have gotten an ancient crown, do you think even the highest bidder of the auction could pay off its actual historic value? I think Monali is the one who put some thought behind before building her concept!

This one doesn’t need much of an explanation. We felt like Jahir drew a picture of our office environment itself.

Sakshi here, tried to split a girl into two halves from the middle. Not in a creepy way like the movie Wrong Turn though, she just did it hypothetically. Balancing work hours and party hours is her gig, as you can understand from this poster how much she relates to this one. The sea saw shows the work-life balance in a perfect way, isn’t it?

Prithashree chose a few symbols to denote transparency. Few water bodies denoted a transparent team who work together by terms as transparent as the glass globe, and create transparent client tales with a transparent handshake!

The marking system was a bit tricky. As others, each participant got to mark each other posters too. I guess that was a good decision taken by Vivek and there was another lesson behind it too, we should know to rate our performance honestly. Another example of transparency? You BET!

After counting the scores we had our winner. Avinash!

We saw it coming, because who can’t relate to the rabbit and tortoise story.

Laxmi handed over the surprise gift to Avinash, which was a Bluetooth speaker. But I feel, we had 12 winners that day. As all of the 12 posters will be printed and displayed on our office walls soon! And that is the best reward you can get for creativity, to have a chance to flaunt it. Correct me if I am wrong!

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