Can Anyone Be A Painter? The Answer is YES

Painting Without Brush
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“If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”
― Vincent Willem van Gogh

“I wish I could paint that.” How many times has this thought crossed our minds, only to be squashed by the reality that most of us have ‘two left hands’ when it comes to painting. Until Yogita Nalkande, our Head of Customer Success at MyNextHire came along and showed us how easy it was to be a painter in one of our fun sessions at work. One thing that we absolutely love about working with MyNextHire is the ‘space’ called “Continuous Learning” and the opportunity it gives us to learn and try out new things (that are not just related to work, but other things as well). And this time, it was painting.

And what a session it was! The learning came from knowing that you do not always need brushes to paint pretty pictures and there are many techniques that are used when it comes to art. Yogita used the humble thread as her brush. But how? One just couldn’t understand how in the world you use a thread as a brush. The floor came abuzz with questions. Then she showed it to us. She took a piece of thread and dipped it in colour and put it on a white paper. The interesting part was that Yogita put down the thread in whorls. Then she took another piece of paper and put it on top of the thread whorls, pressed it lightly with one hand and pulled out the thread with the other. The end result was breathtakingly beautiful – the whorls left outlines like that of flower petals on the paper. And where she had pulled the thread, the colours pulled through to give the petal outlines shape, making it look like a delicate flower arrangement. As easy as that!

None of us could wait to create our own thread painting. And we could see that everyone was excited to participate. The enthusiasm to create their own painting was high. Higher was the excitement to see the end result of each design. Some looked like flowers, some had the distinct shape of certain vegetables. Another resembled the ‘Meditating Buddha.’

Each thread painting was unique and made us the proud artist of that creation. Those who knew about this technique helped the novices. We made a wonderful creative team – one that appreciates individual contributions but worked together to make sure everyone involved stayed abreast and achieved the goal of becoming a painter.

The excitement did not end even as the session ended. The exhilaration of creating our own thread painting stayed with us all the through the day. And the talent – throughout our life. MyNextHire has always been more than just a place of work. Growing and getting ahead is a way of life here – be it at work or at learning new skills. Just like how the thread pulled through and nurtured the colours to create a beautiful painting on the paper.

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