If You're Not Hiring Faster, You're Losing Top Talent To Someone Else!

MyNextHire is an applicant tracking system with a number of AI driven hiring BOTs that give you instant efficiency, easy integrations and topnotch hiring experience!

Modern Applicant Tracking System trusted by hundreds of global users

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Unlimited Logins, Built for

With unlimited logins, you can get everyone involved in recruiting at no extra cost. Approvers, Hiring managers, Interviewers, Employees for referrals, Recruiters, Sources, Literally everyone!! 

Reduce Time to Hire

Use MyNextHire BOTs to automate candidate screening, de-bottleneck process, speed up interviewing to reduce Time to Fill! Also integrate with your HRMS.

Impress Hiring Managers & Candidates

MyNextHire ensures that your hiring managers and candidates get right information at right time automatically so that they have great experience of working with HR

Be Ready with Insights

With MyNextHire insights, your are always ready with information about key metrics, automated weekly, monthly reports. You may even surprise others with your grip over numbers and recruiting insights!

Get 3 months of Video Interviewing FREE

We understand that recruiting has become more difficult in the current times with COVID-19. Learning from our existing users, we offer you video interviewing and chatbot  led virtual interviewing tools absolutely free for 3 months!

manage your entire candidate journey in one place


Employee Referral

With mobile app, your all employees now become your sourcing team. Our BOTs keep them updated too.


Video Interviews & Myra

Use video interview to record interviews and make better decisions. Also, Myra a chatbot can help you conduct virtual interviews


Vendor Portal

All your staffing partners now get a portal to help you source and manage duplicate checks. BOTs can automatically publish jobs to them too.


Offer Management

Just negotiate an offer with the candidate and leave offer letter generation, approval and candidate acceptance to our BOTs


Source From Anywhere

Connect all the major CV portals seamlessly with MyNextHire so that your can source with ease from virtually any CV portal with one click!


Onboarding & HRMS Integration

Not only our BOTs will collect all the documents and forms required but also can pass on that information to your HRMS and BgV tools!

Why MyNextHire? Because We CARE.


Highly Configurable and Customizable if Required


Transparent Pricing and ROI focussed Customer Success 


Seriously Compliant with Security & Hosted on Best infrastructure 


Decluttered UI Gives Best UX and No Stress 

For the evolving recruitment process, MyNextHire is very much configurable. For example, last night I called the customer success team and asked for 3 changes. The same were done within an hour or so.


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