3 Reasons Why Today’s Recruiters Need A Modern Recruiting Software

The world around is changing fast. Right from delivering food to tracking our health, technology is everywhere. The world of recruitment is not untouched by it! While some of us are still having to deliver with either the spreadsheets or the age-old software that needs us to go get coffee while the page loads, some others have zoomed past into the future with modern ATSs.

Here are 3 key essential ingredients of a modern applicant tracking system that will get you moving faster on your recruiting journey.

Efficiency: Automating the recruiting process

A modern ATS is designed to automate most mundane tasks and built with the latest technologists and cover almost everything involved in a recruitment process. By automating posting jobs on several job-boards sites, you can save hours of labor. A modern recruiting software will help you through the entire hiring process – putting in a hiring requisition, screening profiles, and each step until the appointment of the candidate. 

From sourcing candidates and creating a candidate data pool via applications that have come in from the website, social media sites, job portals, internal references, etc., a hiring software also functions as a filter to shortlist the right candidate for a particular requisition. The software does this by matching the skills for a particular job description in a candidate’s resume.  You can source applications with one click from social media, job portals, careers page, employee referrals or staffing partners – fully parsed, within seconds!

Experience: Better Coordination Among Stakeholders

Recruitment isn’t one person’s job, rather a team effort. Each team member has a different role to play in the hiring process. When things move faster through the process, the decision makers – whether they are interviewers, hiring managers or approvers – need to be kept well informed.

Everyone gets the best experience about being part of the process when they are well informed about the progress and actions. If there is no information flow between the recruiting team, there is a possibility that a few of your employees handling the same task which is a waste of both time and money. It is inevitable for recruiters to work with each other and to regularly update any information taken on a candidate during every stage of the recruitment process.

Empowerment: Analytics & Reporting

One of the key requirements from the top management is to get periodic reports about how recruitment is happening. Recruiters need to be updated with process bottlenecks through prescriptive and data-based analytics. Modern recruitment relies a lot on data and you need a system which can quickly and correctly analyze it. 

I intend to write in details about each of the key aspects of modern recruitment software like MyNextHire in my subsequent blogs.

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