While we keep distance socially, we are stepping closer to help resolve your queries through our bot Myra!

We need not stress much on how technology and automation have immensely helped us in the current situation to sustain social distancing and yet stay informed and updated.

We at MyNextHire, too have enhanced our bot Myra to help resolve your queries faster. Myra is constantly learning from your questions and will be upgrading herself to answer your queries.

Where to find Myra?

Myra can be found right under the MyNextHire Suite on the welcome page.

 Alternatively, it can be found in the footer “Help” link as well.

  1. Click on it and you would see a page slide in to type your questions and get suggestions from Myra.

2. Type your question in the tab and click on ‘Send’.

3. Myra will suggest the closest possible solutions/answer and would also suggest article        links which have detailed information about the feature you asked for.

4. To close the page, click on the ‘x’ mark at the top right.

2) Reports/Insights view can now be configured based on the role assigned to the user. So now, users in his/her role can have a view of reports that are frequently required by them. This can be done through Settings Module>System Roles>Insights Module (1001)

We’ll be back with more updates in the next release. 

For any questions on how it works and details, our Customer Success team will be happy to set up a call with you and help. Refer our User Manual for a step-by-step guide.

Happy Recruiting!!