We have introduced Useful Pipeline Indicator to help optimize number of applications screened and processed ahead.

  1. Useful Pipeline Indicator

We have got a rainbow in the open requisition tracker :). Well, this is the Useful Pipeline Indicator which will empower the recruiter to prioritize his/her efforts so that optimum number of applications are screened and processed ahead. Red band suggests no applications are processed against the requisition, amber suggests adding more input and when the color is blue, you are right on track

2. Provisional Offer Letter

Now recruiters can send a provisional offer letter to the candidates. It can be found on the offer form.

3. Timeline Report

Requisition analytics now has a timeline report which will show average days applications took to reach a step.

4. Configure Interview Scheduling Steps

Admin user will now be able to restrict scheduling interviews in particular steps so as to prevent interview scheduling in other steps. This can be done from setting Id 69.

In addition, we worked on enhancements which will simplify and enhance user experience.

5. All lists now have pagination.

6. Applications now can see interview location and recruiter information.

7. Current applications tracker is revamped and simpler.

8. Recruiters can now reject candidates from drives tracker on next working day.

9. Recruiters will now receive notification for employee referred applications.

10. Offers tracker now can be viewed with “Me as a recruiter” filter.

11. Master data visibility will be based on the org unit access to the user.

For any questions and details our Customer Success team will be happy to help.

Happy Recruiting!!