Treasure Island? Or Treasure Office

“We cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together.”

Have you ever tried finding a treasure?

Well, we did at one of our Continuous Learning sessions!

Wondering what the connection is?

We have these activity sessions that can be called a treasure house of learning and fun both at the same time. Literally, this time we were on a Treasure Hunt, thanks to Bhanu Pratap Singh, our Java Developer and Astha Saxena, our Software Test Engineer.

Both Bhanu and Astha are getting to the point where we can call them our office veterans when it comes to leading these activity sessions. Bhanu needed some help with the activity and Astha willingly stepped in and they made this an awesome teamwork between them, with the activity as well as the preparation work. In fact,

Vivek, our Founder and CEO, appreciated them with a quote that read, “The willingness in preparing to win is greater than the willingness in win.”

Bhanu is a very active and happy-go-lucky person who is great at playing football. He always gets mocked by everyone in the workplace, but takes it in a sporting manner. He has a heart of gold when it comes to jokes being played on him.

 Astha, on the other hand, loves teasing people – and she does it so lovingly that she gets away with it always. She loves brain teasers and riddles (she was the one who created the majority of clues for the treasure hunt) and is great at public speaking. Both of them love parties like anything.

So Bhanu and Astha set up the office to be a treasure island for a day. The day before they stayed back, did a lot of prep work so that we could hunt the treasure the next day. Trust me, they were quite secretive about it!

The treasure , as per what Bhanu and Aastha told us, was that India’s current trending topic is hidden in the office, but in parts. And then they divided us into 2 teams – boys and girls. They handed us one clue, which was supposed to lead us to the others. Both the teams had the same clue to lead to the others. And each clue was hidden at a different location. Once we deciphered that reached that location, we got the next clue from there. It was quite a feeling like the Tom Sawyer’s adventure!

 Here is how each of the clues gave way to the others:

  1. It is the one place everyone wants to be at: CEO’s cabin
  2. All shining and silver, with a beautiful face, you look into me – find me: Mirror
  3. What’s always running but has no legs: Fridge
  4. I hold earth. I hold water and beauty rises from me: Plant
  5. I am the reason you all are together and everyone works to make me better: Logo of My Next Hire on a pamphlet
  6. I have no ears but I listen the most: The walls behind a drawer
  7. I am loved when rich but ignored when poor: Snack Drawer
  8. The more it runs the cooler it becomes: Behind the AC

It took us some time, but at the end of it we collected all the pieces. The Girls’ Team found the most clues and became the winner. And when put it all together, it became the face of our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

As usual, we came together to discuss the learnings. For some it was all about team work.

For others, like Prithashree, it was also how the work can be distributed between the team members. For them, the strategy was about having different people work on in different clues, vs. all of them trying to find the same clue. The team enjoyed it thoroughly though there was some physical exertion.

Prajakta linked it to her work in testing, where she has to make inroads into a problem to get to crux of it.

Vivek found it appealing that this is the first time that two teams were competing with each other but their success depended on each other’s success. He also felt that when the pack doesn’t have a leader, a leaderless community always suffers (both the teams were leaderless, but the girls made it up with their enthusiasm). Yogita loved the way the activity leaders came up with the riddles and felt that to be more productive, one should always bring through new thoughts and ideas. She also loved it that the game got us connected to a current topic via a fun activity. We enjoyed the activity a lot – every bit of it was fun. And the biggest lesson that we didn’t speak out but knew within our heart is that – the real treasure is the teamwork and team bonding that we share at our treasure island – our office.

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