Track Applications

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Every Application Is Scanned And Skill-Matched To All Open Jobs

When an application is sourced in be assured that application is technically sound to match your job requirement. Every application is thoroughly scanned and parsed for skills and comes with a skill % match to support your decision making on the application.

Define A Productive Hiring Workflow That Suits You

Every organisation follows a workflow suiting them the best. We would follow your workflow not the other way round. Customize the workflow steps to compliment your processes.

Share Internal Diary Notes That Also Act As Smart Reminders

Capture your diary notes about applicant engagements, ToDo reminders, risks, problems at one place and get reminders for your ToDos.

Automatically Build A Fully Searchable Database

Build your own database without any extra effort. When you source in a profile to a requisition, the system automatically saves it to your database too. You would not need to depend on the portals for the same profile again. Searching your database would bring back the profile for your consideration.

Sentiment Analysis of Applicant Emails

Understand your candidates’ sentiments through the emails you receive from them. The positive and negative emotions will be displayed graphically helping you further to hire a candidate with the right attitude.