Three Important Lessons in One Activity

Lately, our continuous learning sessions have been fun. The last session was a fun riot. This week’s too was going the same way. For the unversed, we have these weekly activity sessions that have been a gateway to learning a lot of new stuff.

From painting, quilling and other arts to laughter yoga and eye relaxation techniques that have taken us through a roller-coaster of all things learning. Yeah, and as with the roller-coaster, we have had great fun all through the ride.

Prajakta was planning to take us through another ride. We were all seated and buckled in for another exciting ride through the learning country. Come, join us in the fun and learning.

The game plan was simple. We had to recognize the brand logos and taglines. Well, that one is easy! As Prajakta explained the activity, our minds started racing through all the logos we remembered. The easiest ones for most of us were logos of cars. This was going to be easy. Of course, there will be logos of some automobiles in the list for sure.

Prajakta took up this activity to check everyone’s observation skills. She wanted to see how attentive everyone was and if their minds could recollect the logos and taglines from an earlier memory. Everyone was in for surprises. Let us come to that later. First, the activity rules.

There were 2 rounds.  We divided ourselves into 4 teams. The first one consisted of a slide which had brand logos as their taglines underneath. Everyone had to recognize the brand logo and the brand tagline. Most of us recognized the logos but not the tagline.

The second round upped the bar a bit more. We had to recognize the brand from the tagline. Most of it was guess work and we kept wondering if we were right or should pass it on to the other team.

It was a fun riot. There was chaos all around as we tried to answer each logo or tagline. Now, comes the surprise. There was not even a single car logo in there. We guessed what we were not sure of and luck played its role very well. We were lucky with some and not so lucky, both in answering as well as in guessing. We love the fun is a constant companion of these activities. It puts us at ease and we feel sense of togetherness and team bonding.

The time for learning came about. By the time the activity finished, we knew that most of us didn’t really understand or know all the logos or taglines. Everyone vouched to be attentive about logos. At least most of the. Pritam were like the product quality matters more than the logo.

Then it was Vivek’s turn and he announced that his learning slightly differed from most people’s views on today’s activity that they need to be attentive todays reading and knowing logos and taglines. He told us that it was not important to remember the logos for the sake of remembering them because people remember those things that they experience. In other words, learning about logos was not a knowledge acquiring activity. When people use a product and they experience it, they tend to remember the brand logo better.

Similarly, he explained how taglines are nothing but marketing gimmicks. For him, marketing is over-rated, at best used for positioning and making the market aware of you. The hero is always the product. No matter what you do with your slogans, people won’t remember. It is always the product and we should create champions in our client organizations. So when these people change organizations, they would sell our product for us. He gave us examples of a few people who took our product to their new organizations. In short, the product is the hero and people who are using it are selling it.

The second lesson for Vivek was that most of the times, we will be in a place where there will be distractions (in this case, it was friendly). So how do we remain calm when there are distractions? That is a learning we have acquire.

He also covered the luck events that happened at this activity session. We got some marks because luckily some of our guesses were right. He told us about this book – Great by Choice written by an author who studies 100 companies that stayed great across multiple CEOs.

For this author, only those companies that stayed great throughout different CEO life spans were great. The reason he gave was: return on luck. The concept of this book was that all companies irrespective of great, good or bad have good luck or bad luck events. What we do with that luck is more important. So if we get a good luck event, can we capitalize on it? If we get a bad luck event are we prepared with a 20-mile march to weather the storm? Only great companies survive in both good and bad luck events across CEO life-spans. This was the third and most important lesson. The 20-mile march is not about looking at a weather situation, but delivering 20-miles every sprint.

The session ended on a great note – we had 3 BIG lessons from the boss himself. We may not always remember the logos and taglines, but the lessons are tucked under our belt to be used later on and the fun of the sessions are bound to bring a smile on our lips and warmth in our heart every time we see a logo or a tagline.

Thank you Prajakta – you were the catalyst. Thank you Vivek, some great lessons to remember no matter where the road takes us!

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