The “KNOT” So Easy Game Of Team Building

Human Knot

The best thing about our continuous learning session?

 They are full of surprises, excitement and bring us a huge bundle of fun!

This time it continued with the game called “The Human Knot” curated by Sachin Gupta, our geeky Software Tester.

Sachin is an extrovert, self-confessed cinephile and hardcore foodie. His leisure time passes by  watching cricket matches and Bollywood movies. The one thing he yearns for is spending a long vacation with his mother.

Oh by the way, did I forget to tell you that our Sachin here, is an amazing cricket player too?

For Sachin, the best thing about his workplace is the stress free environment that shows in his eagerness to leads activity sessions.  You can check his previous team building activity at The ball game about looking out for each other in a team .

Let’s shift our focus from the curator to the game a little.

As the name suggests, it’s all about making a knot and then untangling it.

untangling the knot at MyNextHire

Let me tell you, it’s not just about team building – it is also a game than enhances problem-solving skills and communication skills within the team. The game plan is simple. The team was divided into a group of 6 members each. Each group had to stand in a circle, facing inwards. Now each team member had to reach their right arm towards the center of the circle and grab someone else’s hand who can be anyone but the person right next to them.  And then, they have to do the same with their left hand as well.

Well, the time when the group is a tangle of arms, that’s the time when the fun begins. Now they need to untangle the human knot that they have created without letting go of the any hands they are holding on to.

Not only that, they need to end up in the same position as when they started the game, facing inwards. They were given to freedom to go over and under each other’s arms (and legs too if needed) without breaking the human knot.

So the team began tangling and untangling. The team untangles in the shortest time possible wins the game.

team at MyNextHire untangling the knot

Team of Nidhi, Monali, Jayant, Vivek, Bhushan and Zahir managed to untangle themselves but couldn’t make the come back to the original position as they were at the starting point of the game. They did end up as a circle where 2 members were facing outside. After trying again and again for 6.5 minutes, they gave up.

 Monali, Astha, Sakshi, Yogita, Sachin and Pritam’s team too tried it twice but couldn’t achieve the feat within 6.5 minutes (the bar set by the other team).

Though there were no winners that day, still Nidhi’s team nearly touched the end point as per the curator of the game.

The game prompted us to think through possibilities for untangling and emerging victorious in a given situation which is loaded with problems and issues.

It enhanced our communication skills and the team spirit was par excellence.

Well, problems come in small and big packages like the knots we created during the course of the game. They are not easy to solve, but neither is it impossible if we put our heart, soul and team spirit into it.

Kudos to Sachin for coming up with this superb game.

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