The 4 ‘R’s That Make You A Confident Recruiter

Another year has gone too soon. As we step into a new year, we borrow lessons learned the previous year to take forth into the new year. Human Resources across companies have been aggressively using new resources like Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to make hiring easier. And it sure does make the hiring process faster and smoother.

Having an ATS as a hiring partner is a definitely a winning situation, but do you know the 4 ‘R’s – the result of automation in an ATS – that will raise the oomph factor on your confidence bar as a recruiter? Well, let me share them with you today:

1. Right Data – Use Data to kill those inefficiencies from your hiring process

Talk of the benefits of having your recruitment strategy wedded to an ATS. The first and foremost – you get to put a full stop to any inefficiencies that are rampant in your hiring system. Of course, you need to interpret the data that your ATS pulls out for you. But once you do, you know what is exactly wrong or not going the way it should be and wherein the entire process. From the task that is taking up the chunk of your valuable time to increasing costs to inefficiency, everything is spread out for you to look at, interpret and take actions. The buck doesn’t stop there. It is a veritable storehouse of active and passive candidates from previous job requisitions, referrals and what not. Interpret and use the data to make your hiring system and recruitment strategy indomitable.

2. Right Time – Get right information when you need it, where you need it

Right Time – Is Connected To #1. The Right Data factor plays on the Right Time factor too. The ATS data or analytics allows you to make or correct your recruitment strategies, your hiring process to smoothen the bumps and wrinkles in the hiring system. Then there is also the process of collecting and parsing the resumes to check the skill set required for a particular job opening. Most recruiters find this the most time-consuming part of the recruitment process. That is where the automation is needed the most and that is what the ATS hands over to you – on a platter – that is BIG time savings. With this it is easier for HR or the management to decide which part of the process, or which person takes up the most time, allowing for measures to be put in place. The database with the list of passive candidates or candidates who previously applied for a job but were not considered is another area that comes handy when there is an urgent need to fill in a vacancy. Another area that it saves big time is the hiring and onboarding process where the candidate doesn’t have wait endlessly to know their fate in the interview or it takes time to manually submit documents to the management.

3. Right Person – Get Better At Reaching Out To Right People With Data And On Time

Wow! That’s some BIG benefit! All process and people involved in the recruiting process in your company benefits from an ATS – from the CEO or top management of the company to the candidate who interviews with you. Your ATS automation makes the entire hiring process a smooth ride for you. From automating the job requisition to its approval, to posting requisition on your job site, social media sites and job portals to collecting and parsing the resumes to emailing the candidates and recruiters alike about scheduled interviews to allowing candidates to upload relevant on-boarding documents once they are hired, the ATS does it all for all the stakeholders involved. The smooth ride is not only for you but also for the candidate. The end result is that your company gets the credit as a great employer for all this hard work done by the ATS.

4. Right Channel – Understand Which Sourcing Channels Dump CVs On You VS Those That Convert

The ATS is excellent at parsing the skill set of the candidate from the resume. But what makes it wonderful is that you get to know which candidate sources are the best, the most time-saving and the most cost-effective. You get to know the difference in the quality of candidate coming in from different sources – the vendors/consultants, the social media sites, you own career page and job portals. It also helps you understand why some of your recruiters are great at hiring stronger and successful candidates and why some are not at par with them.

With these 4 ‘R’s that are courtesy of the ATS, you can strengthen your recruitment strategies. When you know that you are strong on every front, the confidence shows itself in your recruiting.

If you want to know what MyNextHire ATS can do for you to achieve these 4 ‘R’s, drop me a note.

Happy New Year and Happy Recruiting in 2019!

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