The Day Pritam Tweaked the Pictionary Game

An unforgettable day it was. It is very difficult to put something like that in words – a day when the learning is filled with fun and laughter.

All this started because Pritam Rajput, our Software Developer, wanted to play a team game and bring an element of fun into the continuous learning session that he held this time (his last two sessions were a tad difficult).

It is not surprising that he turned the innovator with this game. That is one of the benefits of our continuous learning sessions – the lessons are here to stay and we all develop our skillsets in a unique way. So, Pritam put his thinking hat on and tweaked the traditional Pictionary Game by thinking through and adding bits and pieces from the lessons he learned at the other sessions.

You know what I like about the part where he picked up these bits and pieces?

 Pritam acknowledged that the extra bits of his session was inspired by Shubham’s session.

The changes he made were based on what he learnt from Shubham’s activity (yeah, team bonding also means that you give credit where it is due).

Considering the fact that he is an  introvert, it is surprising that Pritam brings these unique activities to the continuous learning session. Perhaps, that is his initiative to work on this issue of his. Pritam is also a Hollywood movie buff and loves to go trekking when on trips.

Unlike the regular game of Pictionary where one person draws the picture and the other person tries to guess the word or the phrase that the first person is trying to convey through the picture, Pritam’s Pictionary had 4 people drawing the picture with the same pen. Now, as if this was not enough of a twist, the game rules also mentioned that these four people were not to touch the pen but had to manipulate the pen with the help of rubberbands.

Just imagine how funny it might have looked!

 But I can assure you, the participants were having more of a tough time than a fun session while they had  to share a pen with rest of the three.

That didn’t come about easily!

They needed some great team coordination, understanding and connection to get that done.

So we started the game with 8 people in a team and 2 teams competing against each other. We ended up playing 2 sets of the game. It was hilarious to see 4 people trying to draw one image with one pen…the images were never really what they were supposed to be and this brought about more laughter from everyone. It also meant that the team members had a very difficult time guessing it. Team #1 won the first game and Team #2 the second one.

Coming back to the learning part, lessons were imbibed and shared. Avinash and team switched roles in the second game – this was a strategy that would come handy in a team project any day. So if one team member was not available on a particular day, the other team members could easily switch in that role to make sure resources were fully used and projects didn’t suffer.

This session was full of learning, as so many productive thoughts crossed the entire team’s mind.

For Bhanu, it meant that communication need not be wordy or lengthy. It was possible to convey less but with depth and meaning.

 Astha learned how communication can differ from person to person in a team.3 people conveying the same thing differently.

 It also showed us how there are leaders and followers in a team. Avinash and Zahir felt it was easier to follow Yogita leading the drawing instead of trying to decipher it on their own and make things difficult.

Sachin was all about creating a strategy before starting to make things clear and then continuing with it.

No matter what the lessons were for each of us, we took home beautiful memories of the game that brought so much fun and laughter with the learning.  Thank you, Pritam! The lessons and memories are here to stay.

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