Testing Our Power of Observation

When you observe rather than react, you reclaim your power.

Who knew that there would be a day when we would have to go through this?

 But, we did!

 Never in eons did we think there would be game called “Office Trivia” that would test us to the core.

But then Shubham Yadav, our UI/UX Designer caught us red-handed napping on our observation skills. To start with it was a small and simple session, but one that had us sweating to answer the questions that he put forth to us.

We were not really surprised by Shubam’s choice of activity for our continuous learning session. Fun loving and extraordinarily creative, he has a unique quality that. He remembers dialogues of every movie that he has watched till date – each and every one of them. Can you get how good an observer he is, then?

And he is crazy about something else as well – he keeps drawing skulls here and there! As a team, we all love him a lot.

As I said before – Shubham’s activity was very simple. It involved office trivia. He came up with a set of questions about regular stuff in the office. Things we see regularly but do not always notice. In a way it was a good lesson for our continuous learning session. Something that we really learned by the time Shubham wrapped up the activity. And truly, we never realized before that observation skills really empowered a person.

During the session he asked us 10 questions. These are as follows:

  1. How many windows in this office can be opened?
  2. Name the brand of our office AC?
  3. What is the color of our office building’s staircases?
  4. How many plants do we have in our office?
  5. What is the Wi-Fi password of our office?
  6. How many plug points are there in the office?
  7. How many floors are there in the office building?
  8. How many clients do we have?
  9. How many people bring their own vehicle in the office?
  10. How many companies are there in our office complex?

The highest scorers were Vivek and Aastha. The reason why Shubham wanted to do this session was to test everyone’s observation skills. And he succeeded really well. The biggest lesson was improving everyone’s observation skill. And it was really surprising that we really did not notice the things or took for granted all that was so much a part and parcel of our everyday work life. Thank you Shubham for bringing about that awakening!

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