Teamwork As Seamless As a Hula Hoop

“The way to achieve your own success is to be willing to help somebody else get it first.”

Ideally, teamwork has to be seamless.

A well-oiled machinery that has everything falling into its own place so smoothly that you never know where it started and where it ended. Kind of “hula-hoopy” or as seamless as a hula hoop!

 Yes! A hula hoop was the need of hour for this week’s continuous learning session. And it has teamwork written all over it. And you thought a hula hoop was only for hula hooping? Nah, we actually played a couple of team games with it this week.

Both the games were led by Avinash Waghmare, our Software Developer. He needs no introduction when it comes to our continuous learning sessions. Avinash is quite the veteran in leading these team games and is quick to bring awesome teamwork and leadership games to our continuous learning sessions. Perhaps, that comes from his eagerness to share thoughts and learn new things. Avinash absolutely loves the continuous learning sessions that we have and introduces great concepts at these sessions when it is his time to lead a session.

We started off with an activity where we had to hold hands and form a circle. We had to pass the hula hoop from one end of the circle to the other without breaking the circle or letting go of each other’s hand. There was another complication too. The coordinator would give commands as we passed on the hula hoop. He would just ask us to reverse the direction and we had to do it at a moment’s notice. The team that completed the maximum number of circles in 5 minutes would win the game.

When we started the game, everyone was working differently. Some would actually push their heads and body first and the others their legs, body, and head (yes, in that order) as the hula hoop was passed around. All this time, we held on to each other’s hand without letting it go. Sometimes, it was difficult, and sometimes, easy, but we could do it. The second team had a better idea about how to go about it by observing the first team and did better and faster. It was fun – ideas and strategies went into the play and we enjoyed and imbibed from the game.

The second activity also involved the hula hoop but in a different way. We made two teams and each team had to form a circle around a hoop. In fact, they needed to balance the hula hoop with their forefingers pointed straight and bring it down to the floor from a minimum height by using their forefingers. We were not allowed to lower our finger or use another finger or grab the hoop at any stage. It was really difficult for us to do this task – no matter how we tried, it was always difficult for us to achieve this goal. We failed. Then we regrouped and tried it this time with a smaller group. We found that it was easier to manage the task and achieve the goal. Slowly, we succeeded.

The learnings were all about teamwork. With the team comprising of different people with different standards of strength and shortcomings, it meant carrying along with everyone together in the team to achieve the end goal. It also meant that instructions would change at a moment’s notice, but you as a team should have the alertness and capability to change course midway to reach the goal – together as a team. It also taught us the importance of smaller teams where coordination is easier as compared to bigger ones. But no matter what the hurdles and the frustration, coordination, and teamwork will triumph. Even the holding the hands of our team members in the first game also had meaning – it means you do not break the team or let go of team member – not now, not ever.

Kudos to team power!

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