Stacking Cups Against The Odds

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“You can’t change what’s going around you until you start changing what’s going on within you.”


Sometimes, everything seems like a cakewalk at first sight. But often we do not see the little roadblocks that can change the game for you.

What do you do then?

How do you learn to overcome these roadblocks?

Simple! We can play the “Stacking Cups and Rubber Band” game as we did our continuous learning session. Thanks to Shubham Yadav, our Graphic Designer and Web Developer, we learnt how to beat the odds when they are stacked up against us.

 Shubham is a simple soul who loves listening to songs. His ideal vacation would be spending time exploring mountains and admiring their serene beauty. Ask this ambivert what he loves about the workplace and he will promptly tell you that it’s the freedom of expressing his own thoughts at work and the Thursday Continuous Learning Activity sessions. He is a TV series fanatic and loves food. Specially, when it comes to Indian food, it’s hard to keep him away from it.

The game that Shubham led had us thinking on our feet.

And that, most certainly, was huge.


We took the game as a very easy one to play. Same as we would think when we get some project that seems very easy at first. But believe me when I say that yeah, looks can be deceptive. So was this game that Shubham had us play. All we had to do was to make a pyramid by stacking cups. What could go wrong? The worst could be some difficulty in holding the cup up with the rubber band as per the game rules (we couldn’t use our hands to touch the cup). But then we had that 4 pieces of threads (all equal in length), one end of which was tied to the rubber band. We had to manipulate the rubber band by pulling or releasing the thread. When we pulled the thread, the rubber band would expand and we could put it over the cup and when we released the thread, the rubber band would contract and would snugly fit around the cup. Also, we were four of us in each team and each one was responsible for manipulating the thread that they held.


Stacking 6 cups into a pyramid by 4 people had to be a cakewalk, isn’t it?

Nope, we were wrong.

 What seemed easy at first turned out to be not just tiring but complicated. Maintaining the balance was the biggest challenge we faced. With four of us pulling in different directions, we just couldn’t get the rubber band to be where we wanted them,that is over the cup.

We were putting as much efforts as we can.


Same like our work projects, each one of us was putting in our best. And that’s where we were going wrong, because everyone was trying it out in their own way, without thinking about the team.


Sometimes we would be close to stacking the last cup that would complete the pyramid, but the balance would be affected as we put the last one in place and everything would tumble down and we go back to repeating from step 1. Whenever something went wrong we had to come up for air, rethink or change strategies again and again till we got the cups to stand straight one above the other. This was the biggest lesson that the game gave us.  The easiest of things can go wrong any time, especially in a team, but you can always work around these tricky situations through great team management, team coordination and by the willingness to change strategies on the go.

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