Simplifying and User Experience is always on top of our mind!

We never stop simplifying and making the product more user friendly. And we have yet again moved an inch ahead with last night’s release. 

  1. The requisitions by status is now placed on the left menu so that you need not click on the open req tracker to navigate between draft, archived or under approval requisitions.

Hovering over the Requisitions by status displays draft, under approval, open req tracker, on hold and archived req trackers.

2. We have seen candidates venting out on social media, job portals about their interview experience (mostly not so good experience). Now give them an opportunity to do the same on the post interview survey forms and take these as pointers to tweak the recruitment process.

How to do that?Go to Settings>Custom Forms>Applicant: Hiring Experience Survey.

  • Click on New form to add questions.
  • Configure our Bot to auto send for interview rejects and offer declined.
  • If you do not want the Bots to auto send and personally manage sending the survey form, select and send it from the Forms and Documents section.

3. Applicant information received during the screening process is not always the accurate information. To take care of this, the product now can pull information from applicant documents so that accurate information is captured and retained.

How to do that?

Go to Settings>Search for Screening Custom Fields

  • Edit the required screening custom field to pull the information from the required form, section, question.

4. Recruiters now know exactly how long an application is in the current step.

We’ll be back with more updates in the next release. 

For any questions on how it works and details our Customer Success team will be happy to set up a call with you and help.

Happy Recruiting!!