Revisiting the World of Riddles

The Riddles
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“People will be, like, ‘Why is it called Puzzles?’.That’s the puzzle!” –Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother

Have you ever wondered about how the puzzles always have puzzled us?

It’s not necessary that puzzles should always be objects. Sometimes they are verbal too!

Yes, just like the riddles we were wracking our brains to solve a few weeks back.

Let’s push the rewind button to recall the back story a little bit, shall we?

At this week’s continuous learning session, we stepped back in time. We stepped back to our childhood and teenage years. A time when we were crazy about riddles. It was fun asking a riddle and waiting for the person who’s being asked to tell us they cannot answer it. There were some really good riddles ranging from some absurd ones to funny ones and some twisted ones. But it was fun. At this continuous learning session, we revisited the world of riddles, thanks to Prajakta Saindane, our Software Tester.

Prajakta loves to watch motivational videos and cook various dishes. She is also a self-confessed foodie.

 What’s this cinephile’s idea would be for a long vacation you might wonder? A long trip with her mom and friends!

 She maintains a very balanced lifestyle and likes the easy and friendly environment at work.

Oh yeah! It was a pretty simple and short one too. Prajakta’s reasoning behind introducing the riddles activity was about enhancing listening and problem-solving skills of the participants. And, she got us! She made each and every cell in our brains work during this activity with her riddles.

Prajakta divided us into two groups and asked three riddles. She categorized the riddles under:

1.   What am I?

2.   Who am I?

3.   Where am I?

Easy! Then she brought out her ammunition – a set of rules. Here they are:

1.  Each riddle has to be solved in 5 minutes

2.   If any team had difficulties in understanding the riddles, she would provide us with the riddle sheet (the question that she had noted down on the sheet), but the team will have to forfeit a point in lieu of the access to the sheet.

3.  Trials were unlimited and each team could try to answer as many times as they wanted.

4.    The team which will answer 1st will get the point for that riddle.

So, the riddle session started. And it was not as easy as it seemed. With very little time to answer the questions, we didn’t have the option of working as a team and were randomly answering the riddles.

The activity was fun. And as with every session, lessons were learned. For most, it was enhancing their listening skills and making sure how to work out things. But the fact that it was not exactly a team game didn’t bring it on as a team game.

 It was fun to go back and revisit the world of riddles that we had left far behind somewhere in the way to growing old.

Thank you Prajakta for the trip down the memory lane.

We tried our hand at the riddles – would you like to try them too? Here you go…

1.    I am in a land where thirty men & two women were dressed in classic black and white dress. They begin to fight as soon as any of them moves. Where am I?

2.   The higher I climb, the hotter I engage. I cannot escape my crystal cage. What am I?

3.    The more I lie, the more people trust me. Who am I?

For those who gave up, here are the answers:

1.    On a Chess Board

2.    Mercury in a thermometer

3.    Politician

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