Resume Sourcing Can Be A Piece Of Cake!

“What can I do to fish out the right CVs?”

After so many bad hires, this question keeps running inside your mind every moment.

Probably you have applied every strategy to source out the CVs which will lead you to the right talent, still, you are not getting the result you are expecting.

Let me tell you, you are not the only one who is facing this problem.

Let’s discuss the reason for which  resume sourcing can be a pain. So that we can come up with a solution easily.

In this blog, I am going to tell you how you can reach out to your perfect candidate by sourcing the right CV.

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A CV or a resume is considered to be the first impression of the candidate towards you. But, when there is a job opening, your mailbox gets flooded with CVs. A huge number of candidates apply through various social networking sites and job portals. And then there are CVs which come in through recruitment agencies, consultancies, and employee referral.

Now, with this many Cvs in store, managing the CVs according to the skill sets and requisitions itself is a tiring task. After completion of this task,  you have to take care of categorizing the CVs on the basis of skill set and requirement in order to find the right talent for that job role.

There is a saying famous in the world of recruiters – The time spent on hiring is time well spent.

But when you already know the tasks mentioned above are just a bunch of non-productive and mundane data storing work, you feel like your time and effort is going in vain.

So are there ways to automate these tasks?  you can spend time focusing on those tasks which actually need your attention?

You should let all these burdens go away and engage yourself with interaction with candidates and giving your expert opinion.

And how will it be possible?

To know this, we have to go back to that time where a job requisition was being created.

What do we do after creating a Job Requisition?

As we have been telling in our previous blogs, recruitment is similar to sales.

So what does a company do after they launch their product in the market?

They focus on creating awareness about the product and advertise the product more and more through every possible channel and network.

Similarly, after creating the job requisition you need to let the candidates know that there is a job opening. And to do this, you need to broadcast your job in every possible network where it will be visible to your candidates.

And again it becomes a boring task because it’s not only one channel where you will have to post. The vast network of potential candidates is checking up on you through various job portals, social media networks, and your career page. If you miss out on one single platform, there is a chance that you might probably miss out on that candidate who is actually worth it.

If you spend your time in scheduling the job posts for the candidates, who will interact with them and evaluate?

With the help of an Applicant Tracking System, you can publish your job post right away after creating the requisition on your career page, job portals, and the social network sites at the same time with just one click.

Also, you can send the job details to your employees too and ask for referrals.

In this way, you can be sure that it will get maximum visibility from the deserving candidates in a limited time span.

Also, the chances of missing out on any candidate will be less too.

Now that you have broadcasted your requirements through all your company’s network properly, now it’s time to look into some other sources.

Participation of your staffing partners:

They source the candidate profile, pass it on to you after a minimum background check and skillset analysis. But most of the time they fail to understand your requirement and end up leading you to disappointment.

This has been your experience with your staffing partners so far. Isn’t it?

You have to keep one thing in mind, there are only two who can understand your requirements- you and your ATS.

When the staffing partners pass on the information to you, you maintain diary notes for each of them. But the scenario changes when you have an ATS by your side.

Once you create a job requisition, you can create one smart link for the open position and send it to your staffing partners through email notification. From that link, they can directly submit a profile to you when you will get notified for each entry.

Worried about your job list getting exposed to your staffing partners which is confidential?

We have already got that covered.

Your staffing partners need not know your credentials or log in to update candidate profiles. Hence there are no chances for them to take a sneak peek to the details you have kept stored in your ATS. Isn’t that great?

After the staffing partners update the candidate profiles, your ATS completes a thorough and stringent inspection process for duplicity and accuracy, and accept or rejects the profile accordingly.

If a profile sourced by your staffing partner is rejected, he will get notified about the rejection and the reason behind it. Hence, your ATS helps in resolving the issues caused by miscommunication between you and your staffing partners.

What happens after you have collected all the candidate profiles?

When you are being dependant on your ATS for CV sourcing, it lets you add one Chrome Plug-in Extension.

Once you are done with sourcing CVs from all of your sources, the Chrome Extension directly maps them to appropriate requisition without giving you any headache.

Have candidate profiles stored in your mail inbox or machine?

All you need to do is forward the emails or bulk upload the profiles on your machine and they will be sourced against the desired requisition.

Not only that, the profiles will be parsed automatically and presented to you with a skill percentage match.

Now that you know where you can make use of our Publishing and Sourcing feature, it’s time to see it in action!

You don’t know how to do it yet?

Simple! Visit and schedule a demo with us, and get surprised with the automated sourcing you are about to experience!

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