Requisition Management, NOT For Dummies!

Managing job requisitions seems like an easy task, but sometimes it can take away the peace of your mind in a hard way.

As a hiring manager, you must have faced a lot of trouble with this one.

While the job requirement keeps changing every time during a new hire, it’s difficult for you to have a standard format of job requisition. Hence, it becomes hard for you to communicate with the recruiting manager and pass on the string of information whenever the requirement changes.

After that, you need to wait for the recruiters to send you manual updates regarding requisition status, CV screenings, interviews scheduled, offered candidates, notice period and tracking.

Even after creating a job requisition successfully, you can’t sit with a free mind till the time you don’t get an approval from the Talent Acquisition departmental heads.

Do you want to put an end to all these chaos and make your requisition management process more consistent?

Today, we are going to tell you how to save hours of your time and efforts by managing requisitions intelligently.

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Requisition management might look like a fuss.

But if you notice carefully, it is a range of information which you need to gather in a right format and pass on through all the channels with a regular flow. If you are able to do that smoothly, half of your job is done.

But, gathering information, changing the format time to time and following up with so many people might seem like a tiring task.

The first question to ask is, can you automate your requisition process? And can it be personalized? Are there tools that can help you do this smoothly?

The answer is YES. That is what an ATS is for. Nowadays, your ATS does all the boring task for you while you get to manage the entire process rather than the process managing you. Also, it makes you free from all the hassle and leaves you room to work on your hiring strategies.

Some of you are using an ATS already. Some of you are thinking of using it. But, how does it help when it comes to requisition management?

Here’s what you need to look for in a solid requisition management system.

Personalize your PROCESS:

If you have this misconception that your ATS will create job requisition for you in a way it does for every other organization, you are completely wrong!

It lets you standardize, configure and administer your own process with minimum customization requirement.

It will allow you to create a requisition in a way you want, from wherever you want.

Not only that, after the approval of the hiring manager, you can see all the approved requisitions in one place and track each requisition based on the smart prediction.

A Library for your JDs:

Suppose you have created a detailed Job Description for a particular post to broadcast the job opening.

Now, you want to use the same JD during any possible future job opening.

So what do you do?

Just save the JD in the library so that you can use it in the future too, anytime you want!

Buffer Position:

Do you wonder about what it might be?

Suppose, after shortlisting CVs, you have lined up a few candidates because you felt they might fit in the job role perfectly and set up a date for interview.

But, at the end moment, the candidate ditches you by declining the interview.

Leaves you in a deep sea of frustration, isn’t it?

Not anymore!

A good requisition management system prepares a list of backup candidates for you too, so that once a candidate backs out, you can immediately source another.

Don’t wait till personal interviews:

What is your salary expectation?

Which companies have you worked with before?

What are your strength and weaknesses?

These year-old clichés are important to be asked during an interview.

Yet, sometimes the answers to these questions make you feel if there was a way to ask these questions beforehand so that you don’t have to go through interviewing candidates who don’t fit the role at all.

Well, now there is!

With a solid requisition management feature in your applicant tracking software, you can screen these questions so that applicants can answer them and you can use some help from those answers in order to shortlist them.

In fact, you don’t have to shortlist them by yourself also. Based on the candidate’s answer,  the ATS will do the needful for you. Isn’t it amazing?

Close a position, but re-use the data afterward:

So, you have got your perfect candidate, and he joined your organization.

What will you do with the existing requisition and closed position?

The ATS will archive it for you through its Management Requisition feature!

And it won’t be displayed to anyone.

And why do we need to archive it?

Because if you need to re-open the position again after a few months,

you can simply clone the data from the archived job requisition and create

the exact same one, all over again!

Getting approvals without manually following up:

These might sound like a dream, but it comes true while you are using an ATS.

You can add all the team members to your Requisition Approval Workflow who are responsible to create and approve the job requisition.

Through this, the recruiter can create a job requisition and the hiring manager can make the changes required and approve it directly.

Hence, getting the approvals would be easier as well as notifying the team member who is supposed to take up the task from there..

Sourcing the right candidate and filtering out the not-so-important ones away doesn’t seem like a tough job when you have a solid requisition management system at your disposal!

If you want to see our Manage Requisition feature in action, don’t forget to schedule a demo with us by filling up the form.

We will come back with countless insights in the recruitment industry shared by top-notch recruiters who use MyNextHire.

Till then, happy recruiting!

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