Auto Update Jobs On Your Careers Page

Integrate your careers page seamlessly and the approved jobs will be updated automatically on your careers page.

Publish Jobs On Social Media With One Click

Social media sure does help reaching a wider audience and expand your reach. Publish your jobs on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter with just one click. Profiles coming from social media will be accordingly marked from which social site they came in from.

Broadcast Jobs To Vendors

Vendors form an important part of your sourcing team. You can choose your vendors for a particular job from your list of vendors. Broadcast jobs to them with a click. The vendors receive notification with details about the job. The submitting vendor’s name will be marked in the each of the profile sourced by the vendor.

Email/Bulk Upload (With Resume Parsing)

Have profiles in your email inbox or on your machine? All you need to do is forward the emails or bulk upload the profiles on your machine and they would be sourced against the desired requisition. What about parsing? Leave the worry of parsing them to us. The profiles will be parsed automatically and presented with a skill % match.

Smart And Secure Interface For Staffing Partners

Your staffing partners can submit profiles right from the smart link in the email notification they receive about an open job, without any logins or exposing your jobs list which you would not want them to view. Each profile submitted is stringently checked for duplicity and accordingly accepted or rejected. The staffing partners know if a profile is accepted and if rejected, why was it rejected.