Now, That Was Quite A Brainy Session

Could you ever imagine that a set of physical exercises can increase brain power?

Whoa! I thought the brain only needed some good thinking to keep it finely tuned.

But that is not what it seemed like when our full stack developer Avinash set out to show us.

Apart from mental exercises, physical exercises were as important for our brain development and empowerment. It was fun, and funny too! Some of the exercises were too easy that it was hard to believe that it would empower the mighty brain.

The idea of Avinash’s  leisure time would be meeting new people, communicating with them, sharing thoughts and learning new things. No wonder, the Continuous Learning sessions are his all-time favourite at work. He is great at leadership and it reflects in everything he does – be it his answer about his lifestyle (The way he thinks that he is the CEO of his life), or the games and sessions he led at previous continuous learning sessions. And this time was no different. And trust me, we were not surprised. His sessions have always brought forth something unique every time and this time it was about gym exercises for improving brain power.

Brain gym exercises as these exercises are called are simple tasks that help to stimulate brain activity and keep the mind engaged. It also helps in increasing the coordination process of the brain. Just as physical exercises help us to engage and strengthen core muscles, brain exercises stimulate the blow flow to the brain and increase oxygen supply to the brain. They release stress and improve our learning and development apart from helping us develop good motor skills and memory.

All these exercises were physical exercises and involved exercising with your hands. It was easy to see why these are called brain gym exercises. It was almost like a tongue twister for your hands and fingers and legs as well (well at least occasionally). These helped you become alert as you went through each exercise. From rotating each of your fingers again each other clockwise and anti-clockwise to rotating your lower arms holding them against each other clockwise and anti-clockwise, it was almost like choreographed dance moves. It was impossible for us not to smile as we made our way through these exercise (double benefit!).

Thank you Avinash for yet another unique session that will help us empower our brain manifold!

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