Manage Requisitions

Predictive Requisition Tracker

Get a view of your approved requisitions at one place. Track each requisition based on the smart predictions which will help you know your target offers as against actual offers, efforts required and the actual efforts taken. Knowing the exact data would surely help you to direct your requisition to a smooth closure. Yes, we say Requisitions! Ultimately all our efforts would be to close a requisition, as it would mean we have hired the right candidates.

Create Smart Requisitions

Got a call to create a new requisition and you aren’t at your desk? OR you are at a client location and urgently need to create a requisition? You can create a requisition right from where you are! You just have to send an email mentioning the available details, which will be added to the application for your team or you to work on.

Skill Parser That Reads Your JD

Add a JD to the requisition and our skill parser would thoroughly read the JD. It would not just read and identify the skills but will also add them to your required skills list automatically. Saving your efforts, time and reducing errors.

Screening Question

Add Screening Questions For Applicants

When your recruiters know the right questions, only the right candidate moves ahead in your process. These questions can come right from your organization, business units or for the particular requisition. Defining them at the requisition level will allow only the right candidates to be moved ahead.