Lists and Insights are great but you always need actual data behind the numbers to present to business stakeholders and your management, don’t you!

We now have added “Cohort Views”. Add as many views as you need for each of the cohorts (like applications, requisitions, evaluations, feedback) and use them to retrieve data either through Lists or Insights.

1. With the cohort views introduced, admin users can now create and save multiple lists or reports views specific for various stakeholders, business, etc.

How to do that?

Login and hit the Settings module. Look out for Cohort Views under System Configuration.

Now, pick your cohort to be configured and add views by clicking on the ‘+ icon’.

Name the cohort as you would want it to be visible and identifiable. Add columns from the available parameters and build your view. Save it to be available in the reports.

Configure the fields further to Show, Export and Search. If you aren’t happy with the view created, delete it and start again.

How to view saved cohort views in the insights reports?

When you view any report in the insights module and you want to view the detailed data behind the numbers, click on the number and then on the cohort view.

Your data to be presented in a format that is needed is right there! 

For any questions on how it works and details our Customer Success team will be happy to set up a call with you and help.

Happy Recruiting!!