Comparison: Lever VS Greenhouse vs MyNextHire – Honest Reviews & Pricing

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) have become a mainstream requirement in today’s competitive market. Irrespective of the size of your business, whether you are a startup or whether you are functioning at an enterprise level, ATS streamlines recruiting by tracking and managing job applicants.

However, choosing the right ATS for your business is always a tricky proposition, and comparing the different software available in the market is always a good decision.

In this piece we will compare top 3 recruitment software: Lever, Greenhouse and MyNextHire on the basis of their features, reviews and pricing to aid your decision making.

Capterra provides ratings for business software and ranks the software along the varying criteria like ease of use, customer rating, features and functionality, etc.

Here are the ratings for Lever, Greenhouse and MyNextHire on Capterra.

Overall rating


Ease of use


Customer Service


Features and Functionality


Purely in terms of overall user ratings, MyNextHire ranks the highest, followed by Lever and Greenhouse respectively. Lever stands out in ease of use, ranking 4.6/5, while MyNextHire leads the way in customer service and features and functionality ranking an outstanding 4.8 and 4.5 respectively.

Core Features

core features

Lever, Greenhouse and MyNextHire, all offer features and functionalities expected from recruitment software and applicant tracking systems. These include sourcing, publishing and managing requisitions, tracking applications, conducting interviews and collecting candidate feedback!

The features can be broadly classified in the following categories.

Applicant Sourcing

      1. Social sourcing
      2. Job posting
      3. Career page integration and configuration
      4. Candidate search

Candidate management

      1. Comprehensive dashboards
      2. Applicant data management
      3. Automated resume parsing
      4. Hiring process tracking

Recruiting and Onboarding

      1. Interview scheduling
      2. Calendar integrations
      3. Offer trackers
      4. Templeted offer letters
      5. Performance analytics

Pricing Analysis

Pricing Analysis



Lever pricing information is available only upon request. In the absence of a definitive pricing list, the pricing depends on the number of users and the features the company chooses, which can range anywhere from $3,000 on the lower end to $125,000 on the upper end.



Greenhouse offers 3 pricing tiers which you can choose from on the basis of the requirements and company size; core plan, pro plan and enterprise plan. There is an increase in the features and functionalities as we go from core plan to the enterprise plan. Pricing can range anywhere between $6,000 to $25,000.



MyNextHire offers a completely customizable pricing plan which requires you to only pay per usage. The standard integrations come included within the software at no added costs. The platform also has unlimited user access and unlimited requisitions to enable you to meet your talent requirements without having to worry about budget.

Customer Reviews

Software Ratings
We have compiled a list of most helpful user reviews of all the three platforms across different review websites that list out the pros and cons of each ATS in order to help you shortlist the platform that best meets your requirements.

Favorable reviews


As an experienced Recruiter, I've used Lever, Greenhouse, and JazzHR, and Lever is by far my favorite. Lever can be implemented quickly and easily, and is a great price for the value.

Lever is a fantastic ATS for growing companies looking for a more robust system. The add-on of Nurture helps support talent acquisition, which is a differentiator in the ATS market.

Ease of use, great customer support and the features are robust for collaboration. Beats most competitors by a mile is the experience and user interface.


Overall, I think that Greenhouse is a really great choice for an ATS if you can afford it. It's a solid product with great customer support.

Greenhouse is the best way to collaborate on group interviews. I love how you can submit your feedback directly after the interview for the rest of the team to see.

Greenhouse is a fantastic tool to keep all our applicants straight. It's super easy to use and allows HR to guide the process of review from early applicant entry all the way through to interview and final evaluation.


The product is extremely easy and intuitive to use. The company seems to have taken a lot of effort in making it user friendly. They always listen to the feedback, and upgrades come pretty fast. Overall a great, usable tool with value for money.

MyNextHire is highly configurable recruitment software. Recruiters were able to grasp the usage very easily. The best part was that our existing recruitment process workflow was available in the software already and the customizations were very less. Thus, we were able to implement the software in a very quick time. It is so refreshing to see recruiters spending more time on sourcing than doing scanning , xeroxing, creating reports from their Excels! The product enhancements being implemented are fantastic and gives great pleasure that they listen to our wish list.

Overall experience has been great so far. Team has been very supportive. Ease of work. Good Analytics. Dashboard is the best. Offer Tracker is a single click view for the health of the offers.

Critical reviews

Critical reviews


Lever as a product wasn't horrible, but the services were. The implementation process took 3 times as long as they said it would, and the Customer Success team was unresponsive and never straight forward with us. We had a lot of issues.


Greenhouse is the best way to collaborate on group interviews. I love how you can submit your feedback directly after the interview for the rest of the team to see.It can be a costly expense for small companies.

My Next Hire

No cons as such so not much to write here, apart from maybe the product is in the process of getting scale and integration points with other systems. Mobile App is not available. Number of workflow stages are restricted which need to be customizable as per each organization’s requirement

Our Verdict

If you are looking to get started on a highly customizable, interactive, user-friendly ATS that is packed with all features you need for streamlining the hiring process for your business, MyNextHire does all that and more. Schedule a free demo and check out its amazing features and functionalities yourself first hand!

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