Laughing Our Way To Health And Positivity

Laughing Exercise

A sign you have a positive workplace culture is laughter. Just listen to how much laughter there is where you work. Laughter is a very good sign of positivity. You can work hard and still laugh and enjoy your workday more.

-Sam Glenn

Why Hasya Yoga?
Well, our head of Customer Success Yogita Nalkande doesn’t buy this thought that fitness being a serious issue, these sessions were bound to become serious too. And the Hasya Yoga was the right way to counter that.
Yogita is a self-confirmed ambivert with a tendency of being predominantly introvert at times. Her most close-to-heart leisure time is going for a long walk in a quiet place or a long drive. A book lover who also likes to watch a bit of movies and TV, Yogita loves simple and healthy food and looks forward to leading a balanced life (though she feels she isn’t maintaining it much right now). The fact that there are open opportunities for each person to grow is what inspires her at work.

 She believes that laughter is a cheap medicine which can drive away all your problems. It helps you stay fit and strengthens the immunity system. In the field of fitness, Hasya Yoga is as good as going to the gym to keep yourself fit. It multitasks for you. It works as a powerful cardio workout that increases blood circulation and relaxes the muscles. It also reduces physical, mental and emotional stress, bringing an emotional balance. Unlike the physical exercises at the gym, you start feeling the benefits right away after the first session. It simply invigorates you.

Like any other exercises, it has certain steps in its process. Like your regular exercise, it also starts with a warm-up – except that it is all about laughter and laughing. Let’s see how the steps full of laughter looks like:

Laughing Exercise

Warm-Up Laughter

Most Hasya Yoga sessions begin with warm-up exercises that involve clapping and synchronizing your movements. Clapping finger-to-finger and palm heel-to palm heel. It starts with simple clapping and laughing and then proceeds to rhythmic clapping and laughing –1-2, 1-2-3 and ho-ho, ha-ha-ha. Mind you – you need to do this while breathing from your belly – deep inhalation and exhalation.

Breathing Laughter

Put your hands out, roll them in and breathe in with nose, hold in for 3 counts and then roll out, breathe out with laughter – hahahaha.

Laughing Exercise

Childlike Laughter

As the name suggests – laugh by raising your hands and clapping and say every “Yeah” every time you do that. Become a child again.

Shake Hand or Namaste Laughter

Say namaste or shake hands with others (one-by-one) and laugh while looking at the people you are shaking hands with and feel the glow of friendliness.

Laughing Exercise

Milk Shake Laughter

Act as if you are pouring imaginary milk from one glass to another by raising your arms and say “yeah” and laugh. It should look like you are actually throwing the imaginary milk from an imaginary glass.

See the Mobile Bill Laughter

I am sure no one would find this one hard in any way. As the name suggests, it is all about coming up with funny reactions to an imaginary mobile bill to make yourself and others to laugh.

Ants in Your Pants Laughter

Ha-ha, this one is pretty funny (not in reality though and at least not to the one who has to go through it) – jump around while laughing as if there are several ants in your pants.

Just one thing – make sure to breathe between each exercise.

The aftereffects of this session? Let us say one highly energized team went back to work from the session with a bring them on attitude and a light heartedness that comes from day-to-day worries dissolving in this perfect recipe for happiness. Thank-you Yogita, for showing us the way to health and fitness through laughter.

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