Job Interviews Can Be Effortless Too!

“How long will I keep running after these candidates?” you must have asked this to yourself several times.

While matching the candidate and the evaluator’s time schedule, you must be feeling like a wooden bridge between them.

First of all, you will come across candidates who completely disappear, even after you have successfully sourced them by segmenting CVs.

And when you find a decent one who has been co-operative throughout, you have to chase both the candidate & interviewer informing them about the interview details.

This becomes a huge fuss for everybody in the process and affects your employer branding negatively.

You never know, maybe your candidates are ghosting you because they are getting annoyed with your inconsistent interview scheduling and continuous calling?

In this blog, you will have an idea about how to give your candidates an amazing interview experience and put an end to the candidate ghosting you. Also, you will learn how to make the interviewer’s work a little easier in order to match the time schedule and give feedback.

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When you have an open position, you assume that there are so many candidates waiting for this opportunity. But, you tend to forget one thing, there are other companies who are looking forward to hiring someone with the same qualifications, experience, and skill set as you are.

For candidates actively looking for a new job, there’s no shortage of opportunities out there right now. So, what can you do so that they will like to join you more than any other company?

You must be familiar with this quote, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” In the world of recruitment, the entire process of conducting an interview is your only chance to create an impactful impression in the eyes of your candidates, so that they choose you over any other company.

A well-curated job interview not only provides a good candidate experience but is the key to your employer branding as well.

Now, the question is, how can you stand out of the crowd, keep candidates in the loop, save time & increase efficiency?

Simple! Use a solid applicant tracking system as a bridge between the candidates and the interviewer!

Let’s have a look how!

Let the Calendar be your date-fixer!

Suppose, you have checked up with both the applicant and evaluator multiple times and scheduled the interview.

You have sent all the details like interview date, timing, details of candidates to both of them.

At the last moment, the evaluator backs out.

What will you do now?

Even if you find a new evaluator, you will have to send all the details to him once again, which will not only be time-consuming for you but can create a huge communication gap between you and the evaluator.

Avoiding this chaos is what an ATS is for.

A good ATS has an “Add from Calendar” feature to it, from which you can schedule and block your evaluator’s calendar.

It lets you schedule interviews by syncing your own calendar with your evaluator’s calendar and see if he will be busy in the time slot.

Add your date, time, location. Assign an evaluator to the event invite and send it across.

Hence, with this activity, you’ll be able to block evaluator’s calendar, share candidate CV, feedback form, job description, screener’s comment, interview date/time and location to the evaluator. All in one go!

Also, to your surprise, you won’t need to attach a CV, feedback form and other documents separately for the recruiter!

Now, what happens when the evaluator backs off?

You can send the same details to another evaluator just by using the calendar, again!

When They Re-Schedule & You’re Relaxed

How many times have you scheduled an interview, and right at the time of the interview, the candidate accidentally gets stuck in something?

You can’t count. Right?

It surely does make you angry, and the interviewer as well. And automatically, triggers some negative impression of the candidate.

But, have you ever thought of yourself in the candidate’s shoe?

If you have, you must be knowing how does it feel when the candidate is already employed somewhere and looking for a change. Or, he is unemployed and attending 2 or 3 interviews every day?

We get it that your busy schedule doesn’t give you time to empathize about candidates who don’t show up, but an ATS does.

Once you set up the interview timing from the calendar, it automatically notifies the candidate about the date, timing, and location along with an invite from where he can accept, reject or reschedule the interview timing.

Once the candidate reschedules the interview timing, you will receive a mail from him and can start working on the new time slot of his convenience.

This might as well save you from rejecting a talent that could have been an asset to your company.

Make Sure They Don’t Forget, Without Being Nosey…

When an evaluator gets busy in other work and forgets about the interview, it trickels down and affects your entire schedule.

Of course, it annoys you & the interviewer as well if you have to remind them again and again through text and emails.

Why don’t you let the ATS take care of it? Wouldn’t an evaluator be happy when he is reminded about an upcoming interview 2 days prior as well as 15 minutes prior? And each of these reminders has the link to the interview details?

Just set the calendar invite, and the ATS will keep reminding him about the interview from time to time.

Video Interviews Done Right!

Sometimes, you get candidates who stay away from interview location but are potentially a good hire and are ready to relocate if they get the opportunity.

If you call them for a physical interview, they won’t be able to come overnight for sure.

But you have an urgent requirement to fill, so you can’t afford to waste any time.

Is there any way out?

Well, there is!

An ATS helps you conduct a video interview for them with the interview link pre-filled to the video interview.

If the evaluator skips any part of answers, the recording feature gives you the freedom to record the entire interview session so that evaluators can access the recordings from the system to view it at any time. No need to save video files separately and link them to the right profile. Explore all the information about each candidate in one place.

Don’t you feel yours, evaluator’s and the candidate’s time is saved already?

Asking for Feedback Need Not Be Time Consuming!

Is the interviewer you are dealing with is a busy bee too?

And you keep having a hard time because they do not find time to fill up the form and forget or ignore to submit feedback. And then you have to keep following up with them.

Knowledge is power. What if you have the power of data backed gamification & a bot teaming up to chase your interviewer?

A solid ATS will give you this feature. The ATS will show the company average for feedback time compared with the interviewer’s own feedback time.

They can provide their feedback right from their mobiles with our mobile-ready feedback forms. Leave it to the ATS which would chase the evaluator regularly till feedback is submitted. The gentle nudge comes along with analytics on feedback response time.

And here’s the cherry on the cake , evaluators wouldn’t be able to skip questions which you mark as mandatory.

Now that you have successfully scheduled, conducted and taken feedback for every interview, let your ATS save a little more time of yours by auto-moving the shortlisted candidate ahead in the process so you can carry out your next set of activities.

So, what do you think? Don’t you want to create a “Happy Hiring” experience?

Also, if you want to see the above features in action in MyNextHire ATS, click here to schedule a demo!

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