Glued to Problem-Solving

We have always been so vocal about our Continuous Learning sessions.

In fact, So much that you might have wondered what exactly do we learn at these sessions.

For the outside world, these sessions seem a riot of fun. For us, it is a different story.

We learn so many things at these sessions that we look forward to the learning that these sessions impart.

 For example, the lesson behind the session led by Blessy Jose, our Sales Executive, was all about analysing and understanding problem-solving skills, but the fun aspect came from the activity which was called, “Paper Holding.”

Blessy Jose loves to read books. She spends her leisure time also reading books. Apart from books, she is also a fan of television series (her favourite is FRIENDS). Traveling is also very much on her mind and she would love to travel the world if given a long vacation. An ambivert, she likes the chilled out work environment at work (unlike those highly stressed environment at most offices which in turn passes on the stress to you).

The reason why Blessy wanted to introduce this game to the team was to test everyone’s problem-solving skills.

As Blessy explained the game to us, it seemed pretty simple. Little did we know the storm that it was about to unleash as we started playing it.

To start with, Blessy asked us to make two groups and handed over sheets of newspaper that we had to hold between us. I know what you are thinking! Holding paper is not a difficult task. True, but there was deal – the participating team members had to hold the paper in such a way that the paper has to be in contact with the other team members body. And it was not a case of a single sheet of paper. We had to hold many such pieces of paper between us. Then there were some rules:

  1. Two sheets of papers couldn’t touch each other in any way
  2. No paper could touch the ground
  3. Adhesives were a BIG NO! We couldn’t glue the sheets to our body

The game started. Blessy did tell us that we could just play this game with just two people doing the activity and the others helping them get to the goal. But in the excitement of the game, most of us totally forgot that advice and everybody jumped in the game. Sure, we did some strategizing, but as the play progressed, strategy didn’t really work out or seemed impractical at some stage.

It was really funny to see people holding on to each other to hold the paper. It was as if someone had glued them together. Some of them were in some really uncomfortable positions, but everyone enjoyed the game. The team that held the most sheets between them won the game. As our continuous learning sessions are bound to be this one too had its own lessons.

Paper holding game

The first lesson was that everyone understood that things were not going as per plan. It was one thing to strategize and another to actually put it into practice. Suggestions as the one Blessy told the teams (about two people taking up the activity vs. everyone) were forgotten. One team started with 2 people working at the activity and then changed the strategy and everyone else joined them. So though team would start with a strategy, it was possible that they needed to improvise on the original strategy or had to change course midway to reach the goal.

Now that we have imbibed the lessons, I am thinking of the way the activity put everyone into funny postures to hold up the paper.

Thank you Blessy! That was one mighty lesson in problem-solving and strategizing!

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