5 reasons why you must have a great recruiter by your side!

Bill Gates apparently said, if he were to start again, the first person he would hire would be the chief of people!

 What do you need to build a great company? It’s a team of great people! We bet if you have it, your competition can’t copy it ever!

Some CEOs look at recruitment as a task-driven job. We did some analysis of the tasks in order to hire 1000 people for one of our clients when we were shocked to see it actually required more than a million tasks!

Some companies realized that tasks were just the visible part but the real impact of not having a great recruiting team was huge. They think recruiters are like salespeople who are skilled in assessing applicants for their suitability to open jobs (like lead qualification) and selling the employer brand (why they should join).

Apparently, your recruiter is the gatemen who decides who should be allowed to come in. Who you hire is not only important for the job that they were hired, but as well as the company’s base.

Hope these 5 pointers will help you out to understand how you, as the CEO, will get benefited from having a great recruiter or talent acquisition head by your side!

1. Tells you the truth

A good recruiter is well connected with people and is aware of what works and what doesn’t. He is always fully aware of the people you have hired already. He is in the best position to tell you the truth about the situation and helps you to have realistic hopes for your hiring plans. As you can imagine, a thoughtful recruiter with an ability to speak the truth to you can save you from making unachievable commitments to your clients!

If you have one on your side already, consider having him in all your business meetings where projected talent needs are discussed. I’ve personally seen some TA Heads, carrying data on their fingertips about how long it takes to hire and always advising business leaders to set pragmatic timelines.

2. Is a mouthpiece for employer branding

Be it a startup or an established corporate, to have a good reputation in the job market is necessary. Not only to attract good people but also to make sure that they join. A good recruiter will understand your thoughts and what exactly you want for your company’s culture by working closely with you. A job description can never capture everything!

By having a good understanding about your company, your recruiter will become your mouthpiece and create a great employer brand.

3. Creates talent pool, handles chaos

In the era of world wide web, social media rules the world of recruitment too as well as everything else.
Recruiters are normally very active on social media platforms like linkedin, quora and are usually well connected too. Most applicants know that staying connected with active recruiters will keep them in touch with new job openings. It is easier for the recruiter to carry a talent pool at no cost to the company at all times that he can use whenever required.

Recruiters, too, follow candidates having special skill sets, so that they could bring such profiles to your attention at the time of recruitment. As Good to Great book says, first who and then what – you will always benefit from knowing when great talent becomes available so you could act ahead of time for critical and very senior positions.

They take care of the entire recruiting process which at times is completely chaotic (remind yourself when you had a weekend walk in drive!), maintain and manage the relationship with staffing partners/consultants so that they could be used for peak hiring or niche hiring and also help you with legal/background verification.

4. Always closes offer deals with candidates

You will be surprised to see the uncanny ability of great recruiters to negotiate and close offers with candidates.
 You as the head of the company will always have limitations of your position and protocol to negotiate but a great recruiter will always know what is an ideal line to draw based on salary levels of existing employees, company culture and the market position.

This is one thing where good recruiters will create enough value for the company and pay for themselves!

5. Spots the trends

When it gets going, everyone gets busier and entrenched in the process. It is very easy for everyone to forget the trends and draw lessons from those trends. Great recruiters always track the trends in terms of your ability to attract candidates, convince them to consider your company, conversion ratios, applicant sources that work and don’t work, interviewer performance – every little thing that can guide you about your future hiring productivity.

Even though it may not be intuitive to think about having a great recruiter by your side, before anything else, it creates tremendous value by hiring someone who holds all these above mentioned qualities inside.
It’s worth having such recruiters onboard, even if they are a bit more expensive, as they not only save you money where required but also make it possible to bring great talent in the cost you have.

Do you think you already have one?

Then, stick to your guy!

If you feel you are still searching for one, keep following our blogs and wait for the tips which might tell you where to find them!

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