Five facts that justify your need of an online recruitment software

Would businesses ever need recruiters if recruitment was an easy task?

Companies wouldn’t be calling for recruitment experts or seeking help from talent acquisition consultants to meet their recruitment goals.

76% recruiters say that attracting top talent is their biggest challenge!

82% of 500 fortune companies don’t believe that they manage to recruit top talent!

56% recruiters say that lengthy recruitment process is impacting recruitment rate badly!

Hiring teams need to be communicating fast with their stakeholders. They need candidate evaluation to be made easy. Also, knowing what’s going on every step of the way is highly critical for each of the team members. It’s not always an easy task for recruiters to coordinate and communicate. In addition, there are administrative tasks (like scheduling interviews) that often take away a lot of valuable time that recruiters could have used in coordinating the hiring process and ensuring good candidate experience through better decision making. Isn’t that challenging enough?

But there is a way out!

There are many reasons to look out for an online recruitment software that makes recruiting easier, more interesting and an enjoyable process. Following are five important facts that will give you enough details to make your case strong for need of an online recruitment software.

Attract top talent

Many recruiting surveys indicate that attracting top quality candidates is the biggest challenge for today’s recruiters. In the ever changing job market, candidate is the king who has ultimate power. The top talent decides which organization to join because they have multiple offers in hand instead of organisation driving candidate decisions. This is resulting into an intense competition among recruiters.

This competition is because your options are limited in a pool of unqualified talent. In addition to that, time is the driver and not the best fit due to high pressure from the business to get a candidate on board to deliver what is promised to their clients.  Considering this situation, finding a right talent from a smaller pipeline is the best option you could have if you were working without a recruitment software, but that’s not the case.

An online recruitment software can search for right talent in a large pool of candidates within minutes. They are so intelligent that they can parse thousands of CVs based on your job description and get the top talent in front of you.

Some of the online recruitment tools have an ability to filter candidates based on a list of questions, so that only right candidates are moved to the next level reducing considerable time in sorting out the CVs for best fit.

Make the best use of sourcing channels

Social media is for people to hang out online to express ideas and interact with each other. It’s also about sharing and conversing with like minded people.

Social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram  are great mining fields for recruiters by connecting with candidates. It’s a fact that many of the candidates would use only social media to find out opportunities, you would never find them through traditional sources such as job portals.

Well, most companies use social media to recruit candidates but success rate is not always high. Online recruiting software can help you tremendously in leveraging these social media channels as great source of candidates.

These software allow you to reach out to a wider candidate source. In fact, some of the software let you publish your jobs on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter with just one click.

Most recruiters prefer to use vendors to source candidates from. Posting a job opening to them is a couple of minutes’ job. Some of the software not only let you publish the openings, but they send notifications to your vendors. Also, when you receive candidate profiles, they come with the vendor name marked on it. This helps in analyzing vendor performance as well as their reach to a particular segment of the job market.

It’s cherry on top if the profiles are automatically parsed and what you get is exact match in percentage. Make sure you ask for this feature when you are assessing online recruiting software.

Track applications with higher efficiency

Every organization has its own recruiting process that lays down a workflow that suits them the best. The workflow is mainly devised to move candidates to the next level with appropriate assessment. It is important to know where each of the sourced CV is in the overall process, which is nothing but tracking the applications and it’s the core job of an online recruitment software.

Tracking applications help a great deal to recruiters. They let you understand how to recruiting process is working right from sourcing candidates to closing a position.

Certain tracking features make the tracking not just easy but they make it clever. As part of tracking if the software can let you make your notes in the software itself that can cover reminders, risks, problems, specific observations about a particular candidate, it is a great aid in your decision making.

Conduct interviews in the most efficient ways

Interview is considered as the most crucial step in the overall recruitment process. The biggest challenge recruiters face during interview phase is arranging interviews with availability of all the members of the interview panel. This task becomes more complex when the panelists are outside the organization.

There are online recruiting software that can help you create interview drafts that you can circulate across the panel and block their calendar for the interview. Many times, these interviews need re-scheduling and cancellations due to availability of both interviewers as well as candidates. There are recruitment software in the market that will update all of this automatically in the system.

As you manage to get through the hurdle of arranging interviews, the next difficult task is to get feedback from the panel as early as possible to move to the next stage depending on the feedback from the panel. Online recruiting software can help you send reminders to the panels which push them to provide their feedback on time.   

Exceptional candidate experience

You wouldn’t be ignoring the fact that candidate are also evaluating your job offers. One of the ways they evaluate is the way you treat them during the hiring process. This gives them enough input on how you will treat them after hiring. If they had a bad hiring experience, they’re less likely to accept. On the other side, positive candidate experiences can enhance your employer brand and encourage good candidates to apply and accept your job offers. Now considering this, you would never want to leave candidates in the dark, would you?

You might be wondering what recruiting software do to improve the candidate experience. They help you set expectations for communication by telling candidates when they should expect to hear from you and, set reminders and use email templates to follow through with that promise.

Still not sure whether to adopt an online recruiting software solution for your recruitment needs, here are some statistics reported by various sources that might help you:

  • The labour market was 90% candidate driven in 2015 compared to 54% in 2011. That’s a big change and we are in 2019 now.
  • 81% of hiring managers think that the use of technology to attract candidates quickly and efficiently is a great benefit that the recruitment software offer.
  • 75% of multinationals use an Applicant Tracking System to track and filter CVs before a recruiter begins to analyze them.
  • 60% of medium-sized companies use an Application Tracking System.
  • On average a job ad receives 250 CVs to be managed through the screening phases. Companies like Google receive an average of 75,000 CVs per week.
  • An Application Tracking System can successfully filter 75% of the applicants.
  • 58% of applicants evaluate their candidate experience as bad due to the lack of feedback from the company.
  • 94% of those who used an Applicant Tracking System claim that using an ATS has improved their recruitment process

Until last few years, advanced recruitment management platforms (also called as Recruitment Software or Applicant Tracking System ) were in limited use, mainly for large companies, making it difficult for small and medium sized companies to attract the best candidates.

Now the scenario has changed. With increasing use affordable computing and storage through cloud, it has become easy to go for an online recruitment software. In coming years they will become an integral part of recruitment process irrespective of size of your organization. The reason is these software work as a platform that work with your recruitment workflow and most of them charge you based on what services, storage you consume. Also, many of them offer subscription based services so no financial burden on you with little liability.Please leave your feedback with the recruiting challenges you are facing today so the technologists like us can contribute to help overcome those as much as possible.

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