Everyday Things You Can Do To De-Stress Your Eye

Eye Exercise

With the abundance and popularity of modern technology, eye strain can be a real problem. Which is why Astha covered Eye Meditation in our Fitness Continuous Learning Session. For those who know about our continuous learning sessions, I need not tell them how unique they are. We learn new things and every session so far has been great for us – individually as well as a team.

We often take things for granted. For e.g. our eye-sight. Often, we do not realize how blessed we are because we can see. The eyes work for us all our waking hours and honestly, we do not make it easy for them at all. From pollution to computers to our increasing hours and dependency on mobile phones to cosmetics in case of women, we put our jewels through a lot of stress. And it was at the right time that Astha led this session on eye exercises.

Astha Saxena is a Software Test Engineer by profession. The exercises that she showed us are something that she does to relax her eyes when the stress gets to it. Astha loves watching those web series that is becoming a craze these days. She also loves connecting with new people and learning about different work cultures. She has a good sense of humor and people do find her pulling some jokes on them now and then, though respectfully. She is a confirmed dog lover and is passionate about caring for them. Apart from her German shepherd, Dennis, she also cares for strays by feeding them and is a volunteer at dog shelters.

It seemed easy at first – but many of us realized the difficulties that we faced while doing these exercise. It was as if the eyes had gone rusty and we had some funny reactions from those who found it a tad difficult. But the below exercises really helped our eyes relax.

1. Palming your eyes

This is actually a warm-up exercise that relaxes the eye. Rub the palms of your hands vigorously, until they are warm and place them gently over your eyelids. When you do this, you will feel some energy around your eyes. Repeat this exercise 4-5 times or till your eyes feel relaxed.

Eye Exercises
Warm up exercises

2. Shifting/Rolling the eyeball sideways

Shifting is about moving or rotating your eyeballs from left to right and vice versa. Stretch your left arm on the left side in thumbs up position. Look at your left them without turning your head and then start moving your arm from left to right and at the same time shift your gaze gradually to the opposite direction without moving your head. The tiny eye muscles get more active and healthy with the spurt of blood pumped in from the shifting. Repeat the same exercise now using the right arm and direction will be from right to the left for both: the arm and eyeballs.

3. Shifting up/down the eyeball 

It is the same as #2, but in this case, you move the eyeball top to bottom and vice versa.

4. Shifting in all directions

Combine exercises #2 and #3 and make sure you do not pause in between.

Eye Exercise

5. Eye meditation

This is done by raising both arms to the front. Now point your index fingers at each other make sure the tips touch. Focus on the tips of your fingers until you start seeing the fingers blurring into each other and form a shape like that of a hot dog. Repeat this 3-4 times.

Eye Exercises
Eye meditation

Once Astha showed us how to exercise our eyes, we realized how helpful it was. Hopefully, we will remember to do these exercises every day and take care of our eyes. Thank-you Astha!

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