Energizing the Mind through Yoga

When Yoga made a stressful day done right!-100
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So much has been said about yoga and everyone has been there and done that when it comes to yoga. For some, it happens to be a fad; for others, it is the serious business of taking care of their health. As reasons galore, we find more and more people turning to yoga. Those who have had their brush with the practice called yoga that more than an exercise for the body, it also strengthens the mind by energizing and calming it. And no matter what you know about yoga, nothing prepares you for that awesome experience when you actually make it a part of your life. So we were this excited bunch of people when Bhanu Pratap Singh, our Server Site Developer, chose yoga as the topic of our fitness-themed Continuous Learning Session.

Bhanu has penchant for bringing in interesting activities to our Continuous Learning sessions. Not just that – the energy level he displays at each session – be it the ones that he leads or the ones he takes part in is envious and at the same time contagious too. Ah! Now, I know the reason why – yoga! An extrovert,Bhanuwatches YouTube videos in his leisure time, loves traveling (that is on his bucket list) and is a hard core foodie and TV Series and movie fanatic.

As with regular exercises, this yoga session too started with a warm-up exercise. Bhanu showed us 11 asanas – all of which we all tried. A few were difficult, but given the benefits, it was worth the efforts. Here are the asanas and their benefits.


This asana improves balance and stability in the legs. It strengthens the ligaments and tendons of the feet and tones the entire standing legs. It also assists the body in establishing pelvic stability.


It lengthens the spine and strengthens the muscles of the chest thereby increasing lung capacity. Because of the weight bearing nature of the posture on the arms and legs, it helps strengthen the bones and prevent osteoporosis. AdhoMukhaŚvānāsana relieves headache, insomnia, back pain and fatigue.


This asana stimulates and improves the function of blood throughout the body and strengthens and stretches the hips, back, arms, thighs and legs. It reduces blood pressure, stress and anxiety and cures indigestion. It gives flexibility to groins, hamstrings and hips and is known for calming the mind. It is great for stimulating the kidneys and removes fats from waist and thighs. It improves our balance and increases concentration.

Navasana / Naukasana

This pose is beneficial to cure many physical disorders. Basically Naukasana helps to strengthen the lungs, liver and pancreas. It increases blood circulation and maintains sugar level in the body.


Beginning with the most superficial level of benefits this asana increases flexibility in the spine, stimulates the nervous system, opens the chest and shoulders, improves circulation and digestion and stimulates the thyroid.


This pose calms the brain and helps relieve stress and mild depression. It stretches the spine, shoulders, hamstrings and stimulates the liver, kidneys, ovaries and uterus. It also improves digestion. It helps relieve the symptoms of menopause and menstrual discomfort and soothes headache and anxiety and reduces fatigue. It is known to be therapeutic for high blood pressure, infertility, insomnia, and sinusitis. Ancient texts say that Paschimottanasana increases appetite, reduces obesity, and cures diseases.


Sukhasana gradually strengthens muscles of the back and improves body posture. Being a meditative pose, it has relaxing effects on mind and body. It works as a preparatory pose for more difficult meditative poses.


This asana is one of the best yoga poses for increasing the height. It stimulates the nervous system and improves body posture and balance. It improves reproductive health in women. It is useful for toning buttocks and abdomen and strengthening ankles, knees, thighs, arms, and legs. It also improves the functions of the respiratory and digestive systems.


Improved digestion is one of the main benefits of Vajrasana. Sitting in this pose helps with digestion and helps you get rid of constipation and other stomach disorders. It is one of the best back strengthening yoga asanas as it strengthens lower back muscles.


This asana stretches the hips, knees and ankles. Siddhasana helps to balance the activities of the reproductive organs.


Kukkuṭāsana helps in the strengthening of the joints as the wrists, elbows and shoulders; helps in improving the digestive system and increasing the balancein the body.

And just as we started, we ended the yoga session with a few warm down exercises to relax the body.

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