10 Easy Steps To Creating Employer Branding

Today, companies focus on Employer Branding as a means to attract stellar talent, engage them and retain them. As social media climbs new heights, companies now stand to be scrutinized as to how they operate as employers as well, apart from being a consumer brand.

Employer branding is not just limited to employee reviews or posts about company parties anymore. It also includes what jobseekers have to say about your company. They impact employer branding big time as an interview is the first interaction and impression a candidate has with a company. With the candidate becoming the new customer for companies, recruitment technology works wonders to add value to your employer branding strategy.

Recruitment software or an applicant tracking system (ATS) can help you create Employer Branding as it does more than just collecting resumes for you. An advanced ATS should help you streamline your entire recruitment process from the requisition and job posting phase till getting the candidate on-board phase. But for now, let us take a look at 10 easy steps on how it can improve the candidate experience at your company, enhancing your employer branding manifold.

1. Streamline And Personalize The Entire Hiring System

Personalizing your recruitment process helps a lot if you are looking at employer branding big time. Recruiters are the first point of contact with the candidates and as with customers, they expect prompt action after every interaction. Once you customize your ATS to your step-by-step hiring strategy, it streamlines the entire process from the job description to the first communication to the interview to the hiring part, leaving no loophole that interferes in your recruiting the right talent.

2. Keep Branding Consistent By Customising Career Site Or Applicant Portal

A great ATS allows for customization of your career site for you. It improves your hiring related branding efforts from basic branding like the logo to company messaging to workplace videos and helps it keep consistent at all time.

3. Speed Up Hiring Process

An ATS speeds up the entire hiring process. The conversion rate from candidate to an employee is faster. It means hiring the right person for the role, which in turn helps the company’s growth objectives. It also improves efficiency which is means recruiters end up dealing with more candidates and openings.

4. Make Social Media Integration Easy

If your online application is too complex, most of your applicants will not feel very positive about filling it up. An advanced hiring software will not only make it easy for you to push your open positions into the social networking scene but also make the application process more attractive. It also makes it possible for companies to cross-post job openings to reach a wider talent range. If you have already taken efforts to build up your social media presence, it becomes the ultimate icing on the cake for employer branding.

5. Allow Enhanced Communication Via Automated Notifications And Emails

Not hearing back after sending in an application or an interview can be very frustrating for the candidate. With an ATS, it becomes easier for you to set up automated notifications such as messages or emails at each stage of the recruitment cycle to both the candidate and the hiring team so that interview and hiring deadlines can be met on time bring in reputation as a good employer.

6. Automate Hiring Process

An advanced recruitment software will automate the processes, from the candidate accepting a job and their first day at work. It includes not just an offer letter, but a list of key resources to problem areas to checklists and templates. This showcases you as a caring employer and improves your employer branding manifold.

7. Create A Better Candidate Experience

It is very important for companies to create great candidate experiences – from the first communication to the last. Word of mouth is the best positive coverage that you can get as an employer. Customizing your ATS with proper communication and feedback messages will help you get positive reviews that are vital for your employer branding strategy.

8. Make Your Teams Feel Valued

When you streamline your recruitment process with an ATS, it not only speeds it up but also helps your team feel valued. This happens when your team gets to spend more time with managers who are otherwise juggling to fit everything into their schedules interviews and related tasks.

9. Encourage Employee And Candidate Referrals

An after effect of #8 and #9 – thanks to the ATS, good experiences are bound to increased candidate and employee referrals, helping improve your branding.

10. Monitor Progress

Last, but not least, ATS allows you to track your progress and reports benefit you in terms of improvements to be made to each aspect of your recruitment process, which further benefits your employer branding strategy.

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