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Grishma Mhatre

“Excellent Technology. The dashboard, where you get all the data on one click! The technical team is very supportive & always available. It helps you to manage the data without excel!!”

Preetesh Tiwari

“MyNextHire is very helpful to analyze your recruitment process with complete flow chart of hiring. It is very useful to track applicant for many position at one place. “

Vijay Navgire

“Enhanced recruiters productivity. Tonnes of reports for analysis, decision making, great UI, Custom Reports, CV Parser, built-in requisition creation and approval. “

Hrishikesh Jadhav

“User-friendly recruitment tool with easy to understand and robust features. The My Next Hire team has been very supportive in helping us customize the tool for our requirements”

Azim hajiyani

“The team is always available to assist us. Always Patient! Most of the feedback given is implemented. Everything is user-friendly & Easy to understand. “

Vinay Darp

“We got our whole process automated and had an excellent time saving. The product is very easy and intuitive to use. They always listen to feedback. “

Customer review

Mahesh Kalan

“The best part was that our existing recruitment process workflow was available in the software already and the customizations were very less. Thus, we were able to implement the software in a very quick time.”

Komal Bhogte

“Support system is excellent. UI is attractive & simple. Support team is always ready to help.”

Anup Pratap Chandar

“Excellent ! Ease of use, extremely responsive intercom facility, rockstar employees”


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