Configuring system so that your staffing partners can submit forms and documents on behalf of the applicants is now possible!

1. Configure the system such that configured forms are auto sent to staffing partners at the desired step and collect applicant forms and documents.

How to do that?Configure Staffing Partner form in Settings>Custom Forms>Staffing Partner

  • Select a workflow step from the drop down and system BOT will send the form to Staffing Partner to submit forms and documents.
  • As soon as an application reaches the selected step, BOTs will send a notification to the staffing partner with “Applicant Portal Link”.
  • Clicking on the link will take you to Staffing Partner Portal where staffing partner will be able to view open jobs, submissions, documents requested and their status as “Pending” and “Completed”.
  • The recruiter is notified once staffing partner submits the documents and the same is visible in the forms and documents section.

Along with the staffing partner document feature, the team has some more interesting enhancements.

2.  Searching profiles is even more effective with more filters added. The new     filters are:

  • Current Step: Search applications various filters with a combination of current step to reach out to just the right candidate.
  • Nationality: Search applications based on nationality.
  • Search as string: Searching string of words is now supported.

3. Chrome plugin can now import CVs from Instahyre too. Sourcing couldn’t be easier 🙂

We’ll be back with more updates in the next release. 

For any questions on how it works and details our Customer Success team will be happy to set up a call with you and help.

Happy Recruiting!!