Conduct Interviews

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Use Your Favourite Calendars To Schedule Interviews

Scheduling interviews can be a pain. Managing interviewer’s time, applicant time can be tricky. Create interview drafts and schedule them using your favorite calendar; Google, Ical or Outlook knowing the availability of interviewers and applicants. Carry out re-scheduling and cancellations from the calendar. All the updates will be automatically updated in the system.

Use Video Interviewing & Recording Features

Conduct video interviews with the interview link pre-filled to video interview. Few of the important questions may get a skip when providing a feedback of the interviewed candidate. The video recordings of the interview will help you to arrive at the decision. Access the recordings from the system to view it at any time.

Let The System Chase Interviewers For Feedback

Chasing interviewers for feedback sure consumes lot of energy and efforts. Our system chases your interviewers for feedback, reminding them to provide feedback and allowing you to focus on essential things.

Conduct Online Assessments

Conduct online assessments with unique test paper for each of the assessee. Configure your test papers or choose from the available list.

Mobile Ready Feedback Forms For Interviewers

Give your interviewers no opportunity to miss out on providing feedback. They can provide their feedback right from their mobiles with our mobile ready feedback forms.