Challenges Of A Recruiter

Why isn’t the candidate receiving my call anymore?

Why the Hiring Manager isn’t keeping the requirements constant?

Why the interviewer isn’t giving the feedback right away?

Why candidates are preferring to join our competitive organization instead of ours?

We know as a recruiter, these questions give you the worst nightmare whenever a new requirement arises.

But have you ever thought of this fact? That maybe you are asking all the negative question to yourself all the time! And along with all the candidate chaos inside your head, you can’t take another stress of being pessimistic during the search of finding the right talent. Am I right?

Whether in a small agency or a huge MNC, all the recruiters have their recruitment hell to deal with and own tactics to overcome the hurdles of it.

Is there any permanent solution to all these problems? I fear not.

But, you can always treat it tactically and technically, to make a simple solution for yourself!

In this blog, I am going to talk about the common recruitment challenges faced by every single recruiter around the world, along with some very interesting real-life recruitment stories. 

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Laszlo Bock, former senior president of people operations at Google pointed out a very interesting point in 2014’s Talent Connect in San Francisco. In Lazlo’s words, “During recruitment, the most fundamental question is how do you get this candidate who you believe is perfect for your company to take the risk. Because the best people have good jobs, they are comfortable in their payscale, they are being rewarded, and they need to roll the dice and join an entirely new company under a new manager, and that’s a risk.”

You might have understood how true his words are. Because challenging someone to take up a risk becomes a big challenge itself! But, if you look into it thoroughly, this big challenge becomes a collection of a few small and common challenges! Let’s have a look into them, shall we?

Sourcing The Right Talent

When you have a requirement ready, 1st thing you do is start sourcing CV and candidate profile from different job portals like LinkedIn, Naukri, etc. 

Now, when recruiters start sourcing for a particular profile, they make a candidate persona in their mind. Initially, every recruiter wants to hire a super employee for the organization (One who will be exceptionally extraordinary in all the skills mentioned in the JD, just like Superman ). So they start with complete enthusiasm. But with the passing days, Linkedin or other job portal’s search limit gets exhausted as well as their mind. That time, they get settled for someone who is almost as good as the candidate persona they were looking for initially. 

Now, what happens after that person is offered? After joining the company and being employed there for a good amount of time, there comes a time when he or she might have to make a hiring decision. If they end up hiring a person almost as good as they are and this process goes on, the company won’t take time to become an average company. 

Hence, while sourcing your candidates you have to keep this in mind, that your one bad sourcing can cause the organization a huge loss. Always set an incredibly high bar of candidates and never compromise on it.

You might wonder, from where you can find your ideal right talent?

When we talk about social media recruiting, it doesn’t just include LinkedIn or other job portals. Have you ever seen marketers being aggressive about promoting their products and being glued to every social media platform to find out potential leads? Well, you have to market your requirements in the same way when you are trying to source the right talent.

For example, if you are trying to source a developer, you should not just limit yourself to LinkedIn. Start thinking out of the box. Start thinking of all the social media platforms where your right talent might have a profile. A good developer will surely have a profile at Github or Stack Overflow. In the same way, a graphic designer would always have their appearance on Pinterest or Behance. So, you should broaden your network to pull them out and reach them.

Also, few modern ATS have their chrome extensions from where you can source candidate profiles with just one click! Undoubtedly, if you are using one, it will save you all the mundane work of collecting the candidate data and let you focus on all the social media platform you need to focus on for particular job description.

In MNCs, even some recruiters have started using dating apps and matrimonial sites too!

Funny! Isn’t it?

Selling the Employer brand properly

We live in a world full of options nowadays. And everyone has the mindset of going for the best option always.

No matter how much you have been working on the employer branding from day 1, there is always a competitor or even a larger organization who is stealing your candidates away by offering them a better package?

Well, let me take you 13 years back. To a pleasant evening of 2006. A farewell party is going on at General Electric for a human resources executive. At the corner of the party, you can see the CEO and the executive having a conversation. Wonder what the conversation was about? The CEO was telling him- “Laszlo, this Google thing is cute. But I don’t think it is going anywhere. And when you are ready for a real company again, we will hold a job for your welcome back anytime.” 

I can guess that you must be shocked. But trust me, I am not making up any part of the story. Back in those days, General Electric was in business for nearly 100 years, ruling the industry like a giant. 

And Google was just an eight-year old kid company which was going through a lot of modifications till then. Working with Google was risky, employees were having a tough time coping up with the salary structure, nobody was sure about what exactly was going to happen with this company. 

Then what was so special about this startup that time which drew Laszlo’s attention? And what was the trick behind drawing so much of candidate attention over the years that they receive 3 million CVs every month today?

No matter how small or big your organization is, you should always give the candidates a reason to join your company

And that’s not just only at that time when a position is open, but throughout the entire year. You need to be creative. You need to plan up various campaigns. You need to be the ultimate brand ambassador to enrich your employer brand. So that you get noticed by the people who want to do something out of the box.

Robert Alan Eustace, the best recruiter of google used this line in his video pitch- “We try to push these challenging technologies to transform the world and change people’s lives”. And every coder or developer has only one wish- may their code make lives easier. So who wouldn’t have fallen for that?

Back in 2014, a female recruiter from Brandix, a textile company in Srilanka, was encouraging a huge mass of female employees with the campaign- “Come as you are, harness your full potential.” They hired potential candidates from rural areas which were suffering from water deficiency and associated them with a project called “Water And Women”. And the women employed there had the responsibility to build wells in the villages and give other people the access to pathogen-free healthy water. Hence, while taking the job, the women felt that they are doing something good for society.

You can do this too! Every job has its strong points! Just look in-depth of it. And creatively broadcast that. And you will land on the candidates who work not only for the money but for the love towards it.

And at the end of the day, this is the kind of people every organization wants in their team. Isn’t it?

When The Candidate Ghosts You

Suppose you have spoken to a candidate over the phone and he seemed a potential one. You scheduled an interview and after that, on the day of the interview, he doesn’t show up, neither receives the call or replies the text.

Depressing. Isn’t it? Those are the times when you feel your efforts went in vain.

Nowadays when there is an urgent requirement in an organization, most of them demand someone experienced. And you never know, your right talent might be is working in some other farm currently under a lot of pressure. And he is maybe too much irritated already with non-stop calls from recruiters.

Just think once, what would you do if you were at his place?

Matrix, a staffing firm, wanted to view a recruiter’s approach from a candidate’s perspective. They made one fake front end developer’s profile and put it on a job portal. In just two days, they received 176 phone calls and 397 emails from various recruiters. Some of them were not even from the preferred location mentioned in the profile.

You can understand how your phone call can get lost in a haystack in the process of attending so many phone calls.

An ATS can be a huge help here. When you schedule an interview with the candidate, they receive an automated email from where they can respond directly if they are attending. Even if they wish to reschedule the interview, they can do that too. On the day of the interview, the bot takes responsibility to remind the candidate that there is an interview coming up.

In this way, the candidate does not get irritated, and you don’t get ghosted as well! 

Building A Good Candidate Experience

Put yourself in the candidate’s shoe once.

After you have given an interview, you will expect to get the feedback as soon as possible. If a particular organization takes a lot of time to deliver the feedback of one single interview, do you think you will have ever consider referring another friend there?

It’s the interview part where most of the organizations fail when it comes to creating a good candidate experience. Either they take too long to feedback one candidate, else they forget to revert to them.

Google, too, used to have an inconsistent hiring process when they started their journey. There used to be 15-16 round of interviews and onboarding of one candidate used to take around 5-6 months. From there, they improved to an extent where they hire over 300 people in a month. 

Wonder how it was possible? Google’s best recruiter Robert Alan Eustace made it happen. He made the process this smooth that even if those candidates who were not selected after the interview, they too referred their friends to Google.

If the interviewer forgets about giving feedback, make your bots chase him continuously! When you are using an ATS, you don’t need to remind the interviewer again and again that he has a pending review to give. Every morning he will receive a notification in his email about it. In this way, at last, one day, he will get irritated by it, fill it and get done with it.

The best way to improve candidate experience is to keep a track of it. An ATS can do that too for you. After the interview, candidates will receive an automated email from where they can give feedback about the entire process. Isn’t it amazing?

When an offered candidate backs out:

This time, you collected the feedback properly, delivered the offer letter, and on the day of joining the candidate doesn’t show up. 

And that makes you keep wondering, what went wrong?

When you have already found out the perfect fit for requirement, you don’t want to lose them at any cost.

When you have a pipeline of joiners, it is really hard to keep a track of all of them. Whereas, it is important to follow up with them regularly until the time they join. Here too an ATS becomes a savior. With an inbuilt offer tracker and follow up notes, it will never let you lose touch with any candidate!

Build a good relationship with candidates too, so that from the conversation you can understand what’s exactly going on in their mind.

But what happens when a candidate backs out even after following up?

Your ATS will get you covered there as well! If you have got other alternative candidates in the sourcing period, who you thought will be suitable for the role, you can keep them as a buffer. So when your 1st choice backs out, move on and start working on the buffered ones.

Because, as I said before, we live in a world where there are a lot of options. You just need to keep yours open!

Could you relate to these challenges I mentioned above? If yes, then try implementing the solutions, and let us know in the comment section if they are being useful to your day to day life.

We will come up with some more interesting stories next week. Till then,

Happy Recruiting!

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