Benefits Of recruitment Software For Small Businesses

Until the last few years,  Recruitment Software or Applicant Tracking Systems were used mainly by large organizations. The investments seemed too high for mid-size or small organizations because the scale of recruitment was not high enough to justify the costs of recruitment software.

Now, the scenario has changed. With the increasing use of affordable computing and storage through cloud, it has become easy to go for online recruitment software. Soon they have become an integral part of the recruitment process irrespective of the size of organization.

The reason is these software work as a platform that works with your recruitment process and most of them charge you based on what services and storage you consume. Also, many of them offer subscription-based services so no financial burden, and no financial liability.

It’s not just about the cost to judge the affordability of a recruitment software but the benefit it offers. Many small organizations look at the cost part of the software and that might not be a thought through decision. Following are some key benefits that justify the cost of a Recruitment Software:

Lets you automate your recruitment process:

Recruitment software is designed to meet the recruitment needs of all size of organizations including employers as well as recruitment agencies. If your process is evolving or has scope to improve, the recruitment software allows you to refine it as you implement the process that is industry standard.

Additionally, as the process gets streamlined, it provides an ability to automate the steps involved in recruitment. Automation meaning leaving the mundane, time consuming and repetitive tasks for the machine to take care of while you as a recruiter focus on more meaningful tasks including strategizing, and making effective decisions to optimize the process.

Just one click to carry out your key tasks

Today’s recruiter has multiple sources at her disposal including job portals, social media platforms, internal channels to mine the profiles for open positions. Posting your open positions on each of the portals would be tedious manual work. There is recruitment software that let you do the posting on a single click to all your popular and trusted sources.

Screening of downloaded profiles to check their suitability for open positions is another time consuming and laborious task. With the availability of multiple sources, you are bound to get more CVs to screen and shortlist. While this helps you get wider options to choose from, it adds to your work in screening those CVs. You would agree that screening is one of the most time-consuming tasks. As per industry standard, on an average a recruiter receives 250 applications for a single post, when you are after shortlisting just 4 to 6 most suitable applications, it’s a huge task.

Recruitment software can make your life easy by screening and parsing all the available applications on a click of a button. The automated screening takes a few seconds to shortlist the applications. Also, there is recruitment software available that rank applications based on algorithms that let you focus on the top applications that match your criteria than to go through the entire list. Make sure you check this feature out while procuring for recruitment software.

Track your entire recruitment process much efficiently

The core purpose of designing a recruitment software is to track the recruitment process for improved efficiency and lesser turn around time in closing the position, that is why they are also called as ‘applicant tracking system’ (ATS). The tracking is not designed to provide you only the information on what is happening but it mainly focuses on identifying bottlenecks in your recruitment stages.

It is quite possible that you are getting a large number of applications for an open position, but the quality is not good. Recruitment software allows you to refine your posting on the go as well as select only those sources that have worked best for you in the past. Now, to arrive at those conclusions, you need enough data. Recruitment software can provide you all this information very easily and quickly. Many software provides a highly informative dashboard that focuses on providing you insights that are critical to your recruitment process so you can make effective decisions in removing bottlenecks in the process.

Fast track interview scheduling and feedback process:

Arranging for interviews is one of the most important steps in any recruiting process. An interview is the first face to face interaction between the shortlisted candidates and the recruiter. There is so much of hard work gone into getting a candidate to this stage. However, scheduling an interview is quite often a tricky task, especially when the interview panel is distantly placed. Sometimes it’s tough to check availability of the panel that works with the availability of candidates. Many times it gets into rescheduling the interviews due to last minute changes to individual’s calendars.

The new age recruitment software allows you to automate the interview scheduled by checking calendars of each of the panel and candidates and sending them meeting invite. This saves a lot of time in to and fro communication between the recruiter, the panel and the candidates.

The next challenge the recruiters face is getting interview feedback on time. Delay in receiving interview feedback and updating the candidates accordingly is one of the main reasons for demanding candidates turning away from your company because they want a quick response from you.

In recruitment software, you can set reminders that would automatically remind the panel for submitting their feedback. There are software that even let them record their feedback and send it to the recruiter.

Improved candidate experience

Making the hiring process efficient is one part of recruitment as a function while making sure that candidates have had a very positive experience during the hiring process is another important part.

Recruitment software helps you achieve this by providing shorter and easier ways to apply for the open position on mobile devices, having a career page which provides useful information pertaining to open positions. Also, with the help of email communications, a recruiter can easily send follow-ups to the candidates during the interview process, thereby keeping them in the loop regarding the open position. This way a recruitment software improves the candidate experience during the entire hiring process.

Aid with onboarding tasks:

Once a candidate has been selected for hire, most recruitment software makes it easy for companies to transfer information from the application or resume to a new employee data with little duplication in entering the details. This can help to prevent errors and can allow hiring managers to spend their time on more meaningful tasks, like beginning the training process.


Recruitment software is primarily designed to help with efficient and effective staffing and recruitment. Having a recruitment software to assist you is very easy and cost effective. Recruitment software can help you streamline and automate your recruitment process. The benefits that a recruitment software offers cannot be overlooked just an excuse as an additional cost. The benefits weigh much more than what you spend on recruitment software.

Saves an important resource for a recruiter which is time by automating most of the mundane and repetitive tasks.

The time saved through automation can be utilized in more meaningful tasks that focus on continuous improvement in reducing the time to fill in a position and get a high-quality candidate on board.

Of course, it gives a huge cost benefit. Investing in a good recruitment software will reduce the cost of posting job advertisements and agency fees drastically.

With the cloud-based recruitment software, your team can virtually work from anywhere and at any time. As long as they have access to the Internet, they could even use their smartphone to work!

There is no reason to think twice whether to go for recruitment software, no matter what size your company or agency is. The only thing you would want to do is carry out detailed research on finding out a software that meets your needs in a much lesser cost.

You will never regret your decision to switch from a traditional way of recruiting to recruitment software. Go for it!

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