ATS Tracking Is A Need Of The Hour Now!

“Hey! Well, it was a stressful day. Wanna go for a coffee?” I peeped in Mona’s cabin and asked since working hours were about to get over.

“Umm…. I can’t. I had two interviews scheduled today for that front end developer position. Nobody turned up. So I guess I will work late, source some more profiles before I call it a day” Mona replied, while her eyes were stuck on her laptop screen.

“Wait, wasn’t the same requirement there 3-4 months back? You must have sourced a lot of CVs at that time? What happened to them? You could have used them right?” I asked out of curiosity. 

“You know how lazy I am when it comes to data. I love talking over the phone with candidates, I love going for campus drives, but I DO NOT like maintaining data.” Mona chuckled nervously.

So this was a snippet of my conversation with my recruiter friend Mona. And it’s not only her. I am pretty sure that all the recruiters feel the same when it comes to data.

But again, how will you keep track of an applicant if you are not having any data handy? Or, suppose you face an exactly similar situation like Mona. Won’t you feel exhausted by doing all the groundwork all over again when you don’t have a candidate pipeline prepared already?

In this blog, I am going to tell you how you can keep track of your entire candidate journey. Before that, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so whenever I feel like sharing a recruitment tale, you will be notified immediately!

“We just want to fill the requirements that are on my desk right now. That is causing me pain. And I need to fill these requirements. We don’t think of the requirements which are coming in the future and I need to have the pipeline ready for them ahead of time.”- Lindsay Browning, Senior Sales Manager of LinkedIn stated this while discussing the reasons which delay the time to hire for any open positions.

This statement is the harsh truth of today’s recruitment world. Once a position is filled, we are so overjoyed that sometimes we become reluctant when it comes to the other sourced and fresh candidate profiles whom we may not even call. But we forget one thing, these are the result of our hard work.

But how do we hold on to our hard work when it’s such a boring task?

Simple! We can take the help of ATS Tracking when it comes to keeping a track of candidates. Let’s see how.  Shall we?

Keeps The Pipeline Ready:

Before you make a pipeline, you need to understand who are those candidates who should be in the pipeline.

The question is, how will you understand? Lindsay simplified your basic needs with just three R’s: Right Candidate, Right Opportunity, Right Time. Every candidate who falls under the skill set criteria is fit for the interview. How will you understand who is the right one? 

What is the definition of the right one? 

That will be someone who doesn’t only is good with skills, but understands and respects the company culture as well. Because if an employee doesn’t fit well in company culture, he or she won’t be able to make it in the organization. 

That’s why you should emphasize building a strong employer brand. The essence of your brand will reflect on the number of your followers. And the followers you have achieved from your employer branding, they are the one who deserves to be in your pipeline.

Hence, all you need to do is source the right ones, wait for the right opportunity, and approach them at the right time. 

How can ATS Tracking help you to achieve them all? 

I revealed the trick to you before about how you can source a profile from any social media network or job portal with just one click. But, did I tell you that an ATS has an inbuilt Talent Pool where you can store the profiles you have sourced? 

So no jumbled up followers data to take care of, once you are relying on ATS Tracking. When there is a requirement, the ATS will dig out the perfect profiles you have been looking for from the Talent Pool right away!

Manages The Entire Candidate Journey:

Suppose you have offered and onboarded a candidate successfully. He is a permanent employee in your organization now and fits the company culture very well. After completion of two years, he is looking forward to changing his project. One day, the project manager of his new project comes to you to ask about his interview feedback, so that he can understand which training the candidate might be needed for that particular project. Do you have the data handy after two long years?

With the help of ATS Tracking, you will always have the entire candidate journey available in one click. From sourcing the candidate to offer and onboarding, everything will be saved in the ATS’s inbuilt trackers. 

Not only this, with the help of ATS Tracking you will be able to keep a track of all the documents the candidate has submitted which will be a huge help of the HR department too!

In a nutshell, with the ATS Tracking, you can get rid of the huge pile of papers which has been there on your desk since forever. It’s time to go paperless completely!

Don’t Let The Interviewers To Miss Out On Candidate Feedback:

While scrolling through my LinkedIn profile, I came across an update posted by one of my connections today. And that surely was disheartening. Check it out once:

We don’t want this to happen with our candidates. Do we?

But it’s not the Recruiter or HR’s fault. If the interviewer delays to provide feedback, how long will you keep poking?

But, you need to keep a track of the feedback too, since it’s necessary to keep a track of your candidates.

Well, you don’t have to do it at all if you are being assisted by ATS Tracking. Your ATS’s Evaluation Tracker will track down the applicants who have not been evaluated yet, and then the interviewers will keep receiving automated emails regularly till the time they provide the candidates with feedback.

Aren’t you feeling a little less clingy already? 

Helps To Keep a Track of Offered Candidates:

Once the candidates have passed through the interviews, got great feedback from the evaluators and has been offered already, you don’t want them to back out at any cost!

But you are also aware of this fact that when someone is in a job hunt, your organization is not the only one they are relying on. They have given a lot many interviews already and they might decide to go for a better offer in between the candidate has been offered to join and the candidate has joined. That is the most crucial time when it comes to recruitment because the backing out ratio is bigger at that time.

ATS Tracking can be a savior here as well! An ATS provides you with an offer tracker, where you can see all the offers made to the candidates along with their joining date.

You can see the name of the hiring manager and recruiter too, to whom the offer has been assigned. Like this, you won’t be missing out on any offered candidate again.

Now, what happens when you forget to follow up with a candidate? The ATS will take care of that also. In the offer tracker, you will get to see your weekly status of following up with the candidate. Not only that, whenever you miss out on following up, a bot will always be there to remind you about that!

Was I able to make you understand that ATS Tracking might look like just two words, but these two words can hold your recruitment realm together?

If not, then schedule a demo with us, to witness the live ATS Tracking!

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