“Alohomora!”Unlocking the Doors of Conversations about Our Strengths and Weaknesses

Does the word Alohomora seem like gibberish? No, not for true Potterheads. The innumerable times they have heard their heroes using the magic spell that unlocked closed doors are still fresh in their minds. As a Potterhead, that’s the first thing that came to my mind as we were given instructions to this week’s continuous learning activity. But this time the doors were of a different kind. One that most of us prefer to keep closed or rarely open to take a look inside.

Abhilash led the activity this week. It was the good old game of Two Truths & a Lie. An icebreaker game, this activity brings about team bonding and is a great way to open up to each other as a team. Ideally, it is played by each team member telling two truths and one lie about themselves to the team. The team has to guess which statement is a lie. The team is allowed to ask questions to determine the lie. Once everyone has a go the team member reveals the statement that was a lie.

Abhilash’s twisted the activity a bit. Instead of the humble truths and the extravagant lies, we had to share our strengths and weakness the rest of the team had to guess which is which. It was a novel way to play the game. The reason for Abhilash choosing this activity was simple. He felt that everyone had positive qualities as well as negative thought they chose not to discuss it. Also, what was negative for someone could be positive when viewed from someone else’s eyes. There was an awesome opportunity to learn.

We were excited. As we sat down in a circle to play, we realized that a problem was staring us in the face. We couldn’t really get a hold on what our strengths and weaknesses were. We racked our brains but we had a hard time, deciphering what our strengths and weakness were. Especially, the weakness part. It was a discovery of sorts… an impromptu introspection into our strengths and weakness.

More surprises were to follow. So what we thought as our weakness turned out be strength as per someone else. That was a revelation. It was the perfect activity for a continuous learning session. Not just learning about our team members about gaining more insight into ourselves.

Time flew and soon it was time to wind up the session. But it was also the time to imbibe all the learning. This time the learning was double. The lessons from the session as well as the self-analysis. Here is what we imbibed:

Yogita was of the opinion that we needed to introspect ourselves. She referenced the webinar that we recently attended about understanding our strengths. Yogita said that she learned that we can play on our strengths instead of our weaknesses.

Astha said that we all needed a reality check as we did not know much about ourselves – finding the positive things were are tad difficult.

Blessy, as usual, was thoughtful and pointed out that even when we were given time, we were still thinking about the positive and negative qualities. We really needed to introspect where we were lagging.

Pritam was shocked that he couldn’t put down his positive and negative quality even after 5 minutes of thinking. He was all for a reality check.

Bhushan found it usual for his NGO-related activities where he could use it to determine the qualities of the slum people he was interacting with. It also helped him introspect and examine where he needed to improve.

Shubham found it difficult to put down his negative side

Avinash was like even after 5 minutes I couldn’t write anything. He felt that we should definitely work on our strengths and weaknesses.

Humza liked the activity as it made him realize who we are as a person, our strengths and weaknesses. Not just ours, but our team members’ qualities as well.

Sayli was happy to learn about the strengths of our colleagues. At the same time, she found it difficult to do the self-analysis.

Rajlakshmi felt that one really needed the courage to write down the negative points and work upon them. Plus, it was an advantage to know what others thought about your qualities. At one level, it was fun and on another it was serious. Overall, it was a spellbinding session. Thank you, Abhilash! You definitely unlocked a lot of doors today!

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