7 Little Changes That’ll Make A Big Difference to Your Recruiting Efficiency

Someone who is in charge of recruiting will be well aware of how long and tedious the entire process can be. Apart from stress, it has the ability to consume days on end – right from the time you decide you need to hire for a certain opening until the opening is filled. Even after all this hullabaloo, only time can tell whether the candidate was actually a right fit for the opening. Having an efficient recruitment strategy which streamlines processes is simply not enough.  

Recruiting Efficiency is the main reason as to why most recruiters have become an advocate of Applicant Tracking Systems. You can call them the mean machines of recruiting. Here are just 7 little changes that a hiring software can bring to your doorstep that brings big benefits in terms of recruiting efficiency:

1. Automates Organisational Tasks

An advanced ATS software cuts the cost down BIG time that you spend organizing – putting in requisitions, putting up openings on job boards and social media, sending emails and follow-up, etc., via automation.

2. Helps With Resume Screening

This is one task that definitely begs for efficiency no matter the company size. It is the bane of hiring system if one is to do it manually. This is another task where the ATS can do a mean job. Using algorithms, an ATS can match candidates to job requirements and the resume can be ranked/rejected based on pre-decided indicators, increasing the efficiency of the entire recruiting process. It can also help you schedule interviews.

3. Works As Your Communications Coordinator

An advanced ATS make sure that communication mishaps do not happen. This is another key point, which takes away the efficiency from the recruiting process. It becomes easy to communicate with teams involved in hiring, speeding up decision making.

4. Saves Time By Helping You Hire Better Talent Faster

A modern recruitment software that has an automated process will help you hire quality talent. It helps filter resumes and right from the 1st step and this means you get to choose quality candidates right from the word “go.” Not only that, recruiters get to spend more time at candidate engagement during interviews than at sorting resumes.

5. Executes Your Personalized Workflow Efficiently

Say goodbye to a slow/bad recruitment cycle that was an outcome of bad decisions and hires. An ATS that is designed for efficiency will automate your recruitment workflow. It does this by automating each process and bring together all information on a single platform for ease of use for the recruiters.

6. Improves Hiring Process Via Reports and Analytics

ATS is useful in creating long-term effects as well, apart from short-term ones that I mentioned above. An advanced ATS has in-built reporting tools and generates hiring analytics that helps you make better decisions about your recruiting process, in the long run, saving time and costs.

7. Helps with Faster and Accurate Document Collection and Reference Check Initiation

Last, but not least, a great hiring software will also help with post-interview communication such as sending emails updates to selected candidates, uploading candidate documents so that it saves the candidate and the company time in delivering documents by hand and saving time documenting it, respectively.

Most HR people do not actually realize how these tasks, though seemingly small, take up a chunk of valuable time from recruiters and team leaders involved in the hiring process. That is why an Applicant Tracking System is the need of the hour at every company irrespective of how big or small it is.

MyNextHire’s advanced ATS does all this more – we help customize the ATS as per your needs. Next, I will give you an insight into what to look for in an ATS when you go shopping for one.

Happy Recruiting!

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