5 Ways Automation Will Change The Future Of Recruitment

“People are not your most important asset. The right people are.

– Jim Collins

And how do you do that? For HR, hiring the right people was a tedious task and not without risk. Despite your best efforts, it would often happen that the person you hired might not be the right one for your team. But then ‘Automation’ happened in the recruiting industry. Though the ATS is yet to make deeper inroads into the recruiting industry, is taking automation in the recruiting industry to the next level.

Today, we will take a look at 5 ways that automation in recruiting is set to change its future, apart from making the entire hiring system efficient to the core:

1. Let The Bot Get You Approved Requisitions

A good hiring software makes putting in a job opening requisition a breeze. No more manually put in a requisition and working to get a job description out to candidates. That is where the automation brings efficiency. Automation in requisition creation includes not just creating one, it also means that you can create it remotely as well (the urgency of a requisition request is taken care of). It also helps you add in a job description and the ATS will automatically pick up the skills and add it to the skills list in your requisition. Add in screening questions for applicants to your JD and save time, energy and efforts.

The best thing an ATS is that requisition can be approved anywhere. As with requisition creation, the approval of a requisition need not wait for manual approval at a real location. An approver can approve it anytime, anywhere and automation means they get to approve it over an email.

2. Auto Publish Jobs On Job Boards And Social Media With A Single Click

A time when job description had to be manually posted on the career page or on LinkedIn or those job portals is set to become ancient. Applicant tracking systems automate the entire process. From updating approved job description on your career page to publishing it on social media websites, to having employees refer candidates through email bots, announcing your jobs to your vendors and even advertising your jobs on job portals with just a click is what you get with a modern ATS.

3. Now Get Applications Pre-Screened

Remember the screening questions that you added to the job description. This is where the automation or artificial intelligence (AI) helps the most. This is the biggest boost that automation/ATS is set to bring to your hiring system. Going through each and every application and skill parsing based on your description and skills list (screening for the best fit), to auto-updating your vendors (saves big time on the duplication part) about approvals and rejections (that too with reason) and sending auto acknowledgements to everyone involved in the process, including the candidate, this is where you start to realize the boon called AI in recruiting.

4. Move Applications Through Your WorkflowBased On Triggers

What’s more? The automation doesn’t stop at screening. The modern ATS helps you define/customize a workflow that suits you best – it has to work around you not the other way around. At the end of the day, the ATS is your ally in recruiting and not something that hinders your organization’s style of working. Setting up reminders and to building a searchable resume database are other benefits that are a part of this automated process. The next, but an important area where recruiting AI helps is deciphering candidate emotions helping you hire someone with the right attitude.

The buck doesn’t stop there – the idea is not to let anything come in the way of hiring the right candidate. Scheduling interviews, video interviewing, online assessments, interviewer feedback, and post-interview candidate feedback is are some of the processes that made easy as well as streamlined through an ATS.

5. And Finally, Why Even Spend A Minute On Managing Offers

Now that you decided that you have the right candidates, thanks to the ATS, the next level of automation is really the icing on the cake. The ATS automates the entire process from auto-generating offer letter templates to sending it across to selected candidates and collecting references and other pre-onboarding documents. This is another big time saver and the biggest advantage is that your employer branding gets a pat on the shoulder.

The above is just a small insight into what automation has in store for recruiting. The key is in choosing the right ATS for your hiring system.

At MyNextHire, we have always known what benefits an Applicant Tracking System can bring to your hiring scenario. Talk to us to know how strong an ally the MyNextHire ATS can be to you.

Happy Recruiting!

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