5 Undeniable Reasons to Love Applicant Tracking System

Not a fan of Applicant Tracking System? Well, we give you 5 reasons that are sure to make you fall in love with ATS. In my last blog, I discussed the 3 key ingredients of a modern ATS. But when it comes to buying a recruitment software, it takes something more than just understanding what constitutes a modern Application Tracking System (ATS). Every software or product is all about user experiences and a hiring software is no different.

Choosing the right ATS is one of the key factors in reaching your hiring goals. An ATS is the core of recruitment that streamlines the hiring process. Its usage is not limited to managing, storing and keeping track of candidates but much more than that. There are plenty of reasons to choose an ATS over manual hiring, however, we have shortlisted the top 5 of them to make your life easier.

1. Automates Boring & Repetitive Tasks And Organizes Data So You Can Make Reliable Decisions Quickly

Time is money and as I said in my previous blog, an ATS takes care of the mundane work associated with your hiring process. It saves precious time that goes in weeding out applications (grouping, duplicates, multiple applicants, etc.) that come in from all fronts such as websites, social media sites, job portals, and internal references via automation.
It is undeniably one of the best reasons why HR professionals love ATS. The amount of time the ATS takes away by taking care of these tasks with a click is praiseworthy. Weeding is just one aspect of the saving time. It also helps keep track of all the events related to the hiring process – from the shortlisting the candidate, coordinating the interview to onboarding the entire process is a smooth one.

2. Helps You Conduct Personality & Cognitive Assessments To Back Your Decisions

HR professionals absolutely love hiring software that has built-in personality and cognitive assessments. You know you have a winner when your recruitment software allows you to create questions for tests and assessments to candidates that will help you move ahead with the right candidate from day 1.

3. Tells You Where The Bottlenecks Are In Your Hiring Process

A best-in-class ATS should provide you with analytics that will help you know the efficiency of your hiring system or process. From process bottlenecks to performance reports to sourcing methods, interviewers, to positions – both ones that easy to fill and the difficult ones, to the budget – everything that helps make your process easy.

4. Appears Intuitive And Natural To Use So No One Needs To Be Pushed To Use It

Hiring processes are different across companies. An attribute of a world-class ATS is that it should be customizable according to the company’s hiring needs and is intuitive. An ATS that is easy to understand, use or implement without much training or guidance and allows you to explore various features without loading the system too much.

5. Delights Users By Presenting Right Information At Right Time On The Right Device

ATSs are designed to save time. That is the very reason why it should improve your experience as a user. From communicating within the hiring circle (such as the ability to given approvals from anywhere) to outside parties – the candidates, your ATS should be able to give you a smooth ride all along and that also means that it should be mobile friendly. Candidates should be able to easily apply to jobs from their mobile as well, either directly or via social media, and receive real-time updates on their status.

My next week’s topic will focus on analytics and reporting part of ATS which I am sure a lot of you have questions about. If you are using MyNextHire then you already have a fair idea what I am talking about.

Till then Happy Recruiting!!

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